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Hello Summer Holidays!

Wednesday 12 June 2013

So... yesterday marks the end of my 22 weeks internship!
I can say there are only 3 people whom I will really really miss after leaving.
Cause they are the ones I am the closest to! It was really hard saying the last two goodbyes.
I'm really a crybaby and cry whenever I have to say goodbye to people whom I'm close to.
I know I will meet them again. But... Just have this weird sad feeling whenever I have to say goodbye.
I could happily say goodbye and give chocolate to everyone else, cause I know I'm finally free!

1. my ex-supervisor, Diana, who really took care of me before she left the company.
2. a really really nice and sweet colleague, Andrea, who took care of me all the way.
3. an intern, Aik Kwan, who accompanied me during the last few weeks of my internship.

Favorite photos with my favorite colleagues on my last day.
No photos with my ex-supervisor. But it's okayy. All of us will meet up again! ♥


What I will be up to next?

1. Complete my Liese review
Haven't been able to find time to do this review!
Cause I have to come up with a hair tutorial for this review. Hmm.
Hope I can do this tomorrow of maybe thursday :)

2. Complete my Wishtrend review
Another review that I haven't done up.
Received the product during my birthday week.
But was busy during my birthday week and the week after due to PC Show.
Need to get this done up asap!

3. Go and sing K
I. Need. To. Sing!
I haven't sang K ever since I started working?!
But okayy. I've been singing a lot at home ;)
Not a good singer. But I just like to sing.
It helps to straighten out my emotions okay!

4. Meet up with my colleagues again
Will most likely go and join them for lunch when I'm free and maybe buy them bubbletea too!
It's hard to buy bubbletea during work cause we can't travel far during that one hour lunch break.
One thing that the four of us have in common would be that we all love bubbletea.
Another similarity would be that we all wear specs hahahas.

5. Round 2 of laser @ DRx clinic
I need to further out even my skin tone and remove the scars on my face!
Mad happy whenever I hear people telling me that my complexion improved :)

6. BKK trip with my JC girlfriends + one of their bf
Looking forward to this trip!
Desperate for a trip overseas.
I love traveling and I really miss USA a lot!

7. Start of my special semester in NTU
I will be back in school to study!
Need to clear my electives.
Btw, I really prefer working.

8. Browhaus Strip Mobile IPL Underarm AND Brow Construction
I desperately need to fix my brows!
Have been trying to fix my brows by myself.
But I wonder if I'm even doing it correctly lols.
Haven't been going out for facial, so no complimentary brow trimming :(


That's all that's on my list for now!
Hope there will be more exciting things coming up soon ♥

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