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[Review] Liese Daily Enhance Styling Series

Saturday 15 June 2013

Today I'm here to share with you Liese's new products!

There are 4 products in this new Daily Enhance Styling Series.
I was given Straight Style Mist and Frizz-Free Styling Milk to do a review! :)
Continue reading for the my personal review below!

This has got to be the best selling point of this series!
Weightless Styling Technology

Those who knows me well enough/follow my blog long enough,
should know that I hate sticky/greasy/thick products.
That's the reason why I seldom style my hair (partly due to laziness too).

This Liese Daily Enhance Styling Series is really weightless and non-sticky plus it stays all day!
I went out to sing K after doing this tutorial and my hair was dead straight even till the next day.
In addition, strangely this product managed to keep my hair oil-free lols. No idea why.
Usually my hair gets oily very quickly but strangely that wasn't the case after I applied this product.

I think it's gonna be my favorite styling product.
I highly recommend this to those who want weightless hair styling product
to get super straight hair that lasts all day!


Straight Style Blow-Dry Mist
Allows you to create sleek, straight hair that curls inwards while eliminating unwanted frizz and curls. Prevents damage from blow-drying.

My Review:
It's super easy to use and non-sticky at all :)
If I can only choose one product, it would definitely be this!
This straight style mist could help me eliminate some frizz.
My hair was more tamed after using the product.

Step 1: Wash your hair and towel dry it
Step 2: Spray the mist
Step 3: Blow dry your hair with a comb


Frizz-Free Styling Milk
Contains damage-repair ingredient which moisturises and eliminates frizz instantly, keeping dry and rough hair tidy and manageable all day long. Simply restyle with hands.

My Review:
Can get a little messy and it feels slightly sticky at first.
But once it dry up/ get absorbed by the hair, it's no longer sticky.
This was the product which gave me super straight and neat hair!

Step 1: Pump some product on your hand
Step 2: Spread out the product on your hand
Step 3: Style your hair


You can visit their website here for more styling tips!
Don't forget to like Liese Singapore Facebook Page!
P.S you can get free samples of the Frizz-Free Styling Milk there ;)

Next, just put on your makeup and you are ready to head out! :)

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