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DRx Clinic Luncheon

Tuesday 22 October 2013

DRx Clinic luncheon at Hilton Hotel!
This happened before the Carlo Rino and Bobbi Brown event.
I thought I had the draft scheduled but...
it turns out that I left it as a draft and wasn't scheduled.
So here is the post!


First thing. Limo cabs were arranged to pick up us at our house!
How awesome is that? Most thoughtful event ever!

Their service was super good.
When the cab arrived, the driver sms-ed me.
Then the driver was waiting outside the car to open the door for me!

Must camwhore in the cab!
Btw, I still think S4 has a horrible front camera :(
I didn't bring my GF6 out that day~

After an awesome ride, we arrived at Hilton Singapore.
I reached first, followed by Ying Jie and Jocelyn.
The 3 of us planned to meet at the lobby and go up to level 24 together :)

The restaurant name is called il Cielo, on level 24.
Dr Tan said it means heaven in italian :)
They have a nice outdoor pool. We didn't go out to take photos though :(

We were arranged to sit with our doctors!
Yingjie, Joey and I were all patients under Dr David so the three of us sat together! Yay!
Dr David sat opposite me, joey was on my left and the legendary Dr Tan was on my right.
Dr Tan is the director of DRx clinic, also the one who cured my friend's acne.
My friend totally don't look like he had have acne problems before!

So we were all chatting and chatting and having good food! :)

Here's the menu:
Pan Seared Foie Gras, Truffle Polenta Caramelized Apple Wine Reduction
Blueberry S Porcini Mushroom Risotto
Pecorino Crusted Sea Bass, Saffron Sauce
Balsamic Honey Marinated Baby Chicken, Purple Mashed Potatoes
Tiramisu il Cielo, Mascarpone Ice Cream

 Bread to start! :)

Pan Seared Foie Gras, Truffle Polenta Caramelized Apple Wine Reduction
Foie Gras is goose liver right? First time having it :)
It had the pig liver taste though. So conclude all liver have similar taste? lols.

Blueberry S Porcini Mushroom Risotto

I don't know how risotto is supposed to look like.
But I thought this looked like ravioli?
Guess they changed the menu for this dish ;)

Pecorino Crusted Sea Bass, Saffron Sauce
I chose the fish and the serving of the fish was huge!
I was feeling bloated by the time I had the fish.
Didn't eat the vege though cause they are all green and yellow peppers!
Dr Tan saw and he was like "If I am your dad, I will ask you why you didn't eat your vege." hahahas.

Next up, is our "main course" lols.
Cause everyone was looking forward to eating it.
The name sounds delicious enough hahas.

Tiramisu il Cielo, Mascarpone Ice Cream
Kill me please. I couldn't finish it cause I was too full by then.
I think my table all small eaters? All couldn't finish our dessert!
The other table cleared every single thing!

When you have a pretty dessert, you have to take a selca with it first! =P

Done eating, everyone just hang around to talk :)

As for us... we spam photos hahahas.

Photo with Joey, Yingjie, Chester and Doctor David (photo from Joey)
Chester is marketing in charge of DRx Clinic.
He's the one who has been helping us arrange all our appointments!
And he's also the one who has been answering all your DRx related questions!
He's leaving DRx already though. So this is sort of like his farewell lunch too? :(
Chester, thank you for arranging this luncheon and for sponsoring me DRx stuffs all these while!
My skin is now a lot better all thanks to you and DRx clinic!
All the best for your future endeavors!

P.S My face is alot alot sharper in this photo thanks to Yingjie.
She edited it for me :) I was too busy to edit any photos. Posted everything without editing.

Photos with more bloggers!
Left to Right:
Yingjie, Me, Mag, Joey, Huiyan, Jocelyn

Then time more photo spams :)
Selca, selca and more selcas hahahas.

Photo with Yingjie, taken from her ;)

Story behind the 3 selca with 3 different position.
Whoever is in the middle will look the skinniest!
Hahahas think there is some fish eye effect due to the lens.

Then selcas with Jocelyn, photo taken from her.

Photo with Dr Tan!
This photo and the next were both taken from Jocelyn :)

Outfit of The Day
Dress: Abercrombie & Fitch
Clutch bag: Dorothy Perkins
Wedges: Kiyo

Goodies for the day!
Tried the facial mask and I think they are meant for hydrating? :)
And we received the Skin Supplement SS too!
Heard that it's really good. It's like a sunblock pill!
Definitely useful for Singaporeans since the sun is mad burning here.

That's all for this post! :)
Was really nice to be able to catch up with the rest!
We don't often have such events where we just go, sit there and chat one.


  1. I love that dress! Super cute.
    And all the food looked yummy!

  2. Yummy great looking dishes. Lovely ladies! Look like you were having fun.