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[Review] Darlie Expert White toothpaste & Charcoal Spiral Toothbrush

Friday 25 October 2013

Here's the review of Darlie Expert White toothpaste & Charcoal Spiral Toothbrush!


Darlie Expert White

Darlie Expert White is inspired by professional whitening treatments used in daily dental care – Ultrasonic scaling and Polishing. Specially enhanced with Prophylaxis Silica-micro particles (PS-mp), an ingredient similar to what dentist uses, it helps to provide a professional teeth-whitening experience for all, revealing a shiny confidence smile.

Research show that...
1. Darlie Expert White can help to prevent up to 80% of stain and tartar accumulation
2. Contains PS-mp ingredient that helps to make teeth 3 times whiter
3. 88% of respondent agree on its Professional Whitening Effects

I guess all of you know how irritating it is when daily food and beverage intake stain our teeth.
E.g. eating curry can stain your teeth yellow and drinking red wine can stain your teeth red!
Thus there is a need to use Darlie Expert White daily to create a Whitening shield over the teeth.
This way you can prevent against such staining ;)

I've always been really jealous of those in the United States as they could easily grab hold of good teeth whitening toothpastes. But now I no longer have to be jealous of them since we now have Darlie Expert White in Singapore! I've been using the toothpaste twice daily for almost a week and I think my teeth has become whiter! :) Pretty blue toothpaste that has a minty taste and is helps to freshen up my breath too! :)

Check out Meiting's video here for an experiment that she did using Darlie Expert White!

You can get your Darlie Expert White at an affordable price of $5.90 for 120g,
available at all leading departmental stores.

And... currently there is a offer!
Darlie Expert White Buy 2 Get 1 MUST BUY promotion at all NTUC FairPrice outlets.
Savings of 30%! (Promotion only valid from 24 - 30 Oct 2013)


Charcoal Spiral Toothbrush
In their advertisement, Darlie states that more than 16,000 sold within first month of launch!

So what's so good about this toothbrush?

1. Brush bristles are infused with Binchotan (White Charcoal)
It is said that Binchotan charcoal can prevent bacteria growth and helps to remove plaque!
Actually I have no idea what Binchotan is so I did a lil google on it ;)
"Binchotan charcoal which is known to radiate negative ion and 
has powerful deodorizing effect to remove plaque and the cause of bad breath.
It also helps to prevent the harmful bacteria or viruses from growing."

2. Very slim tip bristles to clean between the gaps!
The brush has super slim tip bristles that are <0.01mm!

3. Feels extremely soft and comfortable to use
It does not hurt the gums and feel suitable for sensitive gums :)

Overall, I feel that the toothbrush complement the Darlie Expert White to achieve a whiter teeth!


Towards a whiter set of teeth!
Good Luck!

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