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Hello 2014!

Wednesday 1 January 2014

It's 2014! :)
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I scheduled this post to be up at 12midnight =P

There are a couple of things that I am thankful for 2013.
:: Got a skincare sponsor - DRx clinic and my skin is a lot better now.
:: Got a hair sponsor - Pro Trim Hair Salon and can try out more styles with my hair.
:: More opportunities for my blog - sponsorship, advertorials, and readers are connecting to me more.
:: Managed to pull up my GPA throughout the whole year.
:: Got my Panasonic GF6 which was on my wish list.

Now, let's take a look at my 2013 New Year Resolutions and see how many I managed to do?

1. Be closer to my family
Hmmm this. I said I wanted to bring them out more frequently but it never did happen.
Cause they are all so busy! Wanted to plan a trip together too but my mum couldn't apply for leave.
So end up only one of my sis, my grandma and I are going to HK together in Jan!
Nonetheless sis and I paid a little for my parents Taiwan trip in Sept 2013 and I lent them my camera.
Anyways I'm now more opened up to my family. I tell my dad, mum and sis more stuffs :)

2. Do great in school and get good grades
I managed to pull up my GPA! By a little.
But at least there are improvements.
Need to continuing pulling up my grades!

3. Lose weight and not gain it back
1kg considered? Actually I lost 2kg but I gained some back.

4. Be good at doing makeup
But lately I've got a few compliments here and there for my makeup!
Just need to remember how to do the exact same makeup I had compliments for lols.
But still… I am not a pro at it. This I am still learning and practising.

5. Enjoy life and also balance with everything
I guess I sort of managed to balance everything?
Blog, Events, School, Family, Meetups :)

So I'm managed to complete all five points.
But this year I am not striking them out from the list.
All 5 points has to stay on my 2014 New Year Resolution List ;)
I must try to be even closer to my family.
I must continuing pulling up my grades.
I must try to lose weigh and maintain it.
I must be better at putting on makeup.
I must balance everything that I am doing.
On top of that, I am adding another 3 resolutions!

6. Graduate from college a.k.a university
Will be graduating in December (fingers crossed), about the same time as my sis!
Cause SIT students grad in 2 years!
So we will both join the work force together :)

7. Find my true friends
Know who are true to me and who are not.
In 2013 some things happened and I managed to see the true colors of some people.
I'm not someone who can stand friends backstabbing or fakes.
I can befriend everyone. But I know there are only a few who will be my true close friends.
If something happens and I can no longer trust that person,
I don't see why that person has to fake and still try to be a close friend to me.
So 2014 I'm gonna find all my true friends and keep them for life!
I sort of know who they are already, am definitely keeping them :)

8. See snow for the first time
I've never seen snow before! Real snow. Snow world in Genting is not counted lols.
Planning to go to Korea in december or early january. It will be snowing then!
Most likely going with study buddy if she can apply leave then!
That will be a grad trip for me :)
First I'm going to HK to see fake snow at Disneyland in Jan lols.

above images from justgirlywishes

This year new year I'm staying home ;)
Will most likely be watching Korean Disk Award at home on MioTV.
Also, I'm going to make minor changes to my blog.
Gonna start off with the sidebar, followed by headers and layout!
Will complete them before my blog's 3rd birthday ;)
May 2014 be the best year yet for every single one of you ♥

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