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San Diego Day 1

Saturday 4 January 2014

No matter what, I have to finish my travelogues!
It's sort of like a diary for myself.
So no matter how back logged they are, I'm gonna finish them! =P
While you are reading this, I am already in HK.
Will be doing HK travelogues when I am back.
But no matter what I have to clear the USA ones first!
Aim to clear it before the two years mark opps.

So the last post was Los Angeles Week 2.
That was Monday to Thursday.
Friday (6th July 2012) - San Diego [this post]
Saturday (7th July 2012) - San Diego [next post]
Sunday we were back in LA so it will go into LA Week 3 ;)


Another road trip! This time it's San Diego! :)
* warning: photo spam *

Photos along the way :)
It's the whole route along the ocean!

Our pit stop.
No idea where this place is though.

Anyways this time we travelled light.
9 people, 2 cars.
We each brought a backpack.
They are all placed in the boot and we will only check-in at night :)
I think it's about a 2hours drive from Los Angeles to San Diego.

Then... we reached our destination! :)
San Diego Zoo

All our tickets!
I think I had the panda one :)

Saw this stage show the moment we entered the zoo :)

Weida with his birthday tee! :)
We told him to wear it the next day and he really did!

Some of the animals there.
They are actually all in enclosed area with a see through glass.
Quite hard to take nice photos cause there are always reflections!

A mouse house bread anyone? ;)

Baa Baas and Mehh Mehhs =P

More photos of animals!
The last one was like posing for everyone to take photos lols.

A penny machine! It's like a souvenir for me =P
Everywhere I go in USA I will make one.
Amelia's really nice, every time she sees one, she will tell me :)
These photos were taken by Jasmine hehex.

Skyfari ride!
So you see everything from above :)
Actually… I didn't really see any animals up there though.

Time for some food!

More animals!
The animals were really far!

Spot the polar bear.
It's forever sleeping!

More animals along the way!

Jasmine, Kuan Yee and I.
Jasmine and I wore the same cardigan coincidentally!
Totally not planned =P

Guess where we are walking towards next?
Hint: the bamboos ;)

Saw a statue so time for a group photo first :)
Btw, camera lens flare is really common in USA.
I think the sun is super bright there or my lens got some problem.

More random animals before reaching the star of the zoo.

Bamboos => Pandas!
Panda Trek - Bai Yun and Gao Gao.
So… we saw pandas before Kai Kai and Jia Jia even came to SG.
Btw, I still haven't been to River Safari.

The first panda.

The second panda.
I think first is bai yun, second is gao gao?
But anyways the second was initially back facing us.
Then it decided to wave over, sit right in front of us, and eat there hahas.

The Legend of Dragon Mountain.
They are mad pro!

Next we took a bus so we didn't have to walk so much ;)

Hello animals.

A cheetah!
This cheetah is supposed to be living with a dog.
They were paired since they were just a few months old.
But when we were there, we didn't see the dog there though.

Giraffes! The baby one is so cute!

Then we took another bus!
Problem with buses is that sometimes the side you sit on might not have animals for you to view.
But it helps to save a lot of walking!

San Diego Zoo is really huge and they have lots of animals!

Random photos and that's all for the bus ride.

After the bus ride around the zoo, we felt cold so we went back to the car to get our jackets!
I don't think we went to get the jackets ourselves.
I think the guys went to get the jackets for us while the girls went to the washroom :)
Hehex thank you guys!

Then we came back to the zoo :)

Then we caught this parade by chance when we were back.

The sun is setting and we went back to our car.

Next stop: find food!

Cheesecake factory!
Their cheesecakes are awesome. Yummy!
I can't remember what happened then.
I think the other car hasn't arrived yet or there was no seats yet.
So we went to shop!

At the shopping place nearby.

Back at cheesecake factory with our shopping bags!

Yummy cakes! I miss them!

Photos while waiting for the food :)

We ordered to share!
Their servings are quite large and we were saving space for the cake!
I think we had 6 main courses, 4 cakes in total.

Weida's birthday cake!
It's his actual birthday that day.

Their red velvet was so-so
but their godiva chocolate, oreo,
and the birthday cake (triple choco I think) were awesome!
Okays, I am a chocolate addict.
Any edible food with chocolate is nice.

Next place, the stay of the night - Vagabond Inn.

Huge room with huge beds!

Vagabond Inn Chula Vista
230 Broadway
Chula Vista, CA 91910
Two rooms, 9 adults SG$223.38

Only problem - one toilet for 5 girls was no joke.
I think I was the 3rd to bath and went to sleep first cos I was going to sleep in the middle that night.
I'm not comfortable sleeping in the middle. I'm the kind who like to sleep at the corner of the bed.
But if I fall asleep first (and don't wake up midway) then I am fine hahas.
Think end up all the girls overslept and the guys came knocking at our door. Opps.


Anyways that is the end of the day!
Next post will still be on San Diego ;)

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