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[Review] IDS Skincare S2 Sunscreen and C-Plus

Tuesday 1 April 2014

Here's a comparison between two of IDS and DRx clinic products.

P.S I’m already a convert for their sunscreen!
So let's start with the sunscreen ok?


IDS S2 vs DRx 5B

1. Non-greasy
2. Has oil control properties
3. Has a matte finish
4. Has anti-oxidant
5. Has Vitamin C
6. Settles on the skin very quickly

Now you understand why I love this product so much? For sunscreens, IDS has a definite win! It's the first sunscreen in Singapore that has Vitamin C and Anti-oxidants infused in it. The non-greasy, oil control and matter finish properties are a to die for (for people with oily skin like me)! This product has botanical extract from Swiss alps has inflammatory properties and also keeps the skin oil free. DRx's 5B is their least oily sunscreen and I feel that it is still quite greasy (I'm very picky about greasy products). On the first day I used IDS's sunscreen, I was like "OMG I LOVE IT!". It kept my face matte the whole day! IDS Sunscreen formulation is more liquid-ty compared to DRx's. But it gets absorbed by the skin really quickly, like almost instantly! I'm sorry but I stopped using DRx's sunscreen already :/

Okays I have to clarify that when I was using this sunscreen,
I am still taking my oil control pills from DRx. So I did a little test:

IDS Sunscreen + DRx medicine
Matte face for the whole day till like 10pm!

IDS Sunscreen only
Oily skin by 7pm (9hours)

DRx medicine only
Oily skin by 3pm (5 hours)

This is why I kept raving about IDS's sunscreen!
It's oil control properties even wins medication okay!

Above is the list of ingredients for your reference.


IDS C-Plus vs DRx Max C

1. Absorbs slightly faster
2. My skin become slightly smoother
3. Uses the most potent form of Vitamin C
4. Contains a very powerful anti-oxidant
5. Anti-wrinkle and anti-acne properties

Okays this product I personally can't tell a huge difference compared to DRx's. I'm not sure if it's cause I've only used it for a week. But I think my skin became slightly smoother when using IDS C+ as compared to when I was using DRx's Max C. I was told that IDS's C+ used an even higher and most potent form of vitamin c called trisodium ascorbic palmitate phosphate (APPS). It also has Fullerenes which is a super anti-oxidant that is very powerful. On top of that, it has anti-wrinkle and anti-acne properties too!

Above is the list of ingredients for your reference.


Those who follow my blog will realize that this is a repost.
Wanted to do a separate post for the product reviews cause the other post is too long.
So here it is! :) Hope it's useful to all of you!