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New Blog Layout!

Saturday 31 May 2014

Usually I change my blog layout on my blog's birthday!
But this year I was really busy then, hence I decided to change it on my birthday! :)
Okays this is a scheduled post. I changed the layout slightly before 31st May =P

The old layout:

The new layout:

I didn't do it from scratch cause I don't understand XML coding at all :/
I've only learnt HTML, CSS, Java, SQL and PHP in school.
So I made used of two paid templates that I like,
took certain parts of the code and customized the rest!

It has a selection menu with more options this time ;)
Also, realized it's a different banner photo?
The banner photo is actually a random image header.
Currently I only have 2 banners though - one old, one new.
Gonna add more when I take new photos!

Just a simple layout but I think I'm gonna keep it this way for quite some time!
Do you like this new layout? :)

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