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My Month In Photos (May 2014)

Saturday 7 June 2014

It's a new month! Okays this time my MIP post came a lil rather late :/
Anyways, May has been a month of shopping and meeting friends!


Saturday, 3rd May 2014

Some of my taobao stuffs arrived.
Shopping on taobao is really addictive! Same for shopping on USA sites :/
Anyways, I've did a 65daigou (taobao agent) review before!
Highly recommended for those who can't stand reading so much chinese characters =P
Will have another post about my loots soon ;)


Sunday, 4th May 2014

USA buys arrived

2 dresses for myself, 2 tops for my sister and one ipsy bag.
Love the aeropostale two dresses I bought!

My April IPSY bag got shipped over too.
Btw, May IPSY bag is my last bag. Decided to discontinue it :/


Wednesday, 7th May 2014

Back at IDS Clinic, my skin a lot better now, not as much breakouts.
Still have a few breakouts here and there and bumps due to clogged pores though.

Anyways, added cleanser and moisturizer to my skincare regime!


Thursday, 8th May 2014

Meetup with fel at Changi City Point!
We had bruch at Eggs and Berries cause I wanted all day breakfast!
I wanted rosti but guess what? They ran out of it -.-

In the end reordered cabonara. But it was ...
The poach egg was overcooked too.

Then we went to the sky garden to snap some photos!

After that it was shopping at Tampines.
This girl and I, we always meet up for nothing hahas.
Like out of nowhere, for no reason, we will go shall we meet on xxx?
It always end up as an eating, talking and shopping session :)


Friday, 16th May 2014

House of seafood and Udders with easties!

We were full of crab after dinner =P

Group photo!

Udders for supper since it was nearby!
All of us were rather full I guess so we only ordered one ice cream waffle at udders to share.


Saturday, 17th May 2014

K at teoheng with crime partners.
Good thing about teoheng is that you can bring outside food in :)
Btw, I think lately the teoheng outlet at katong has been rather easy to book!
I only booked it a few days in advance.
Long long ago, I think when I was in JC, we had to book weeks in advance!

Photo with the birthday boy.

Back at udders again!
Two consecutive days of ice cream hahas.
And I was feeling so full after the ice cream :(
I have a horrible appetite (if I don't exercise).
My metabolic rate is very very slow hahas.
Can survive a whole day at a theme park and keep taking rides without eating.

Dinner at Picotin in some ulu parts of Katong (housing estate area) hahas.
I ordered a simple carbonara cause I wanted some pasta!
Since I was full I didn't intent to finish it.
Well, true enough, I only ate 1/3 of it hahahas.
Finished the mushroom though =P


Monday, 19th May 2014

Had a free day between my meet ups and gatherings so I used it to do some blogging!

Received these products from PCAskin.
I feel that they should be suitable for sensitive skin as they do not have any fragrance.
The sunscreen is not oily after it is absorbed by the skin too!
But it can be a little thick in texture.
Tested them on my wrist and the serum made my skin really smooth.
It has a citrus smell though.


Tuesday, 20th May 2014

Teoheng with study buddy!
Other than studying, we do go out together too okay hahas.

New thing at Teoheng! This singing grading thingy.
Try being the top scorer? =P
I never knew about this till I went to teoheng with the crime partners.
Anyways, 3rd time in katong within 5 days hahahas!


Wednesday, 21st May 2014

Day out with fel at bedok!

We had lunch at Popeyes.
They so happen to have a buy 1 get 1 free offer and we got that.
It's like 7+ for two meals hahas.

Btw, I got fel addicted to shopping on taobao! Hahahas.
I was the one that got her to start online shopping in hall too :/
Now that girl can't stop buying :/ #badfriend
But shopping on taobao really does help save quite abit of money - advantage.
It has a disadvantage too actually - the quality of some clothes is really ...
Those that you see in the my photos are the ones that I decide to keep.
Don't that I don't like aren't in the photos =P
They are most likely placed in a certain corner of my house, waiting for my next flea.


Sunday, 25th May 2014

Build/Constucted/Put together my new drawer from IKEA! :)
The 5 unit alexa drawer.

Not that hard to fix but this thing is mad heavy!
It's 28kg! Daddy and I had to carry it together at IKEA.
Btw, this drawer is meant to keep all my cosmetics!
I've packed everything inside already.
It still looks messy but at least now I know where is what =P
Photos another day.


Tuesday, 27th May 2014

Back at IDS clinic for a review!
See the little bottle? It's one of their secret product!
The marketing guy say it's being locked up in a safe hahas.
Okays just kidding. But this is some good stuff!
Dr Tan said that one of their patient could even have his acne cured by medication.
But this gel did the trick! Super glad I got to try this.
My forehead is now better (more cleared).

Then I went to Pro Trim @ 313 for my hair appointment.
I ended up an hour early hahahas.
Btw, I will write a separate blog post.
The above photo is just a preview ;)
Hair Cut + Volume Roots + Mucato Soft Perm + Keratase Treatment

They gave me a bottle of Moroccanoil too!
I love this product cause it smells really nice and it really smooths out the hair by a lot!
Pro Trim sells it at only $69 while other places jack them up to prices as high as $100.
Those who want to get this Moroccanoil do get it at Pro Trim ;)

Came home that day to some goodies from MUFE.
I'm in the midst of trying these products!
Will blog once I've tried all of them.

And that day was a super thankful one indeed :)


Wednesday, 28th May 2014

Lunch at Aston's with Yingjie.
We went to the Centerpoint outlet cause Yingjie read that they have free flow sides and drinks!

The salad bar.

We both at grilled chicken.
Btw, the main wasn't well done.
Both of us didn't finish it :/

Corns, peas and honeydew from the salad bar!
Used to have lots of them in my salads in USA.
SG only has the frozens one which is meant more for stir-frying?
I can't seem to find these which still has some "juice" in them.

The good thing about this Aston was that we could sit there and chat for 5 hours.
It's not crowded at all so they won't chase you away.
Slightly more expensive than other Aston outlets. Each main was around $20+.
But they had free flow drinks and food.
I would revisit only if their mains get better :/


Thursday, 29th May 2014

Back at Centerpoint. Now that's 3 consecutive days at Somerset lols.
This time I was there with Fel. She wanted korean food but they close by 3pm :(
We ended up at Swensens! Btw, the Centerpoint outlet has one free side with every main ordered!
Yumms I love pasta and I always order Crayfish pasta at Swensens :)
Another day of eating, chatting and shopping hahas.


Saturday, 30th May 2014

Made rice dumplings (ba zhang) with my grandma!

All the ingredients :)

The cooked rice dumplings.
Spot the two different sizes of rice dumplings.
Large ones done by grandma, small ones done by yours truly lols.
That was the maximum size I could make!
If I place anymore rice or ingredient into it, I would be able to wrap it -.-


Saturday, 31st May 2014

My actual birthday. My family actually only celebrates my lunar birthday.
Grandma would make me sweet meesua in the morning.
Then dinner my parents would buy back nice food.
Usually we would only eat out if it's my grandparent's birthday.
Same for my maternal side of the family.

My meesua this year hahas.
I got my parents to stop buying cakes since I was 21 #forever21.
Was talking to my friend about it that day and he was like "good ma old enough already" -.-
He's older than me lehh!

Oh and back to the story, this year I don't even have yummy food cause...
we had lots of ba zhang (rice dumplings) at home!
Grandma and I wrapped them a day before.
Another friend knew about it and was like "put a candle on the ba zhang".
Thanks ahh peeps hahahas.

Anyways my birthday usually circles around food.
Meetups with friends for lunch/dinner and dinner with my family.


Beauty Product of the Month
- Lioele Auto Brow Pencil -

It's really easy to draw my brows with this pencil!
Definitely a favorite for the month of May, will most prolly be a long term fav too ;)
I chanced upon it online and bought without reading any reviews.
So happy that it turned out to be so good!
I love trying new products and finding new favs =P
My past favs are already very good so it's hard to find a new fav?
So if I can find a new fav, it means it has got to be even better! ;)


Music of the Month
- Hold On, We're Going Home by Christina Grimmie -

Christina didn't win the voice though.
I wanted her to win! :/ Preferred her voice and songs!
But oh wells. She is getting signd by Adam!


Anyways that's all for May.
It's gonna be a busy June! =P


  1. Hi Katelyn, can you please do an update on your skincare routine and skin condition? Thank you so much! -Rachel

    1. Hello Rachel, sure I will try to do up one soon :)