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Shopping at 65Daigou!

Friday 13 June 2014

Well well, how can anyone ever stop shopping online.
Been shopping a little on taobao lately and I always use 65Daigou to get my stuffs from taobao!
I've blogged about why I use 65Daigou instead of taobao direct some time back.
If you are interested in reading, here is the post: 65Daigou vs Taobao Direct.

So what do I usually buy from taobao?

Shoes, bags, clothes, and a couple of random stuffs like dairy and shoe expander ;)
The jelly flats are like only $6 per pair! I've got 3 pairs there cause 2 are for my sisters!

The good thing about 65Daigou is that your cart items get saved automatically
(as long as you are logged into your account).
So I can always leave things in my cart and keep adding more the next day.

For those who are planning on buying shoes on taobao,
cause shoes are rather bulky and they come with shoe boxes,
the shipping weight is about 0.6kg (for most of the shoes I bought).

Tip: You can write in to 65Daigou to have the box removed
BUT you might risk having your shoes damaged during shipping.

I usually ship around 10+ items at one go and shipping + agent fees cost about $30+.
However do not that it all depends on the weight and size of items you are buying!


Here are two outfits that I put together!
P.S Same skirt cause I realize I buy a lot of tops on taobao but only one bottom lols.

Outfit #1
Top $4.23 // Skirt $14.68 // Jacket $13.55 // Heels $12.55

Outfit #2
Top $8.21 // Skirt $14.68 // Bag $15.79 // Heels $16.77


They are all online apparel shop quality but at half the price or less! :)
Also if you've realized, I don't exactly buy the cheapest stuff on taobao :/
I usually shop by design then try to find the lowest price for the particular one that I want.
There are definitely cheaper stuffs on taobao, e.g. $2 for a pair of shoes.
But it depends on whether you like it or not and... do read reviews before purchasing!

Tip: When you see a design that you like, always copy and paste the name
in the search box to see if there are cheaper alternatives available!
Usually they have a couple of shops selling the exact same product at different prices ;)


Now time for me add more stuffs to my 65Daigou cart
and start shipping again! :)

Don't you want to start shopping on 65Daigou too?
Register with 65daigou now!

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