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Katelyn's Skin Evolution with IDS Skincare #4

Wednesday 8 October 2014

Back with another post for IDS Clinic!
Haven't visited them for 2 months cause school has been rather busy.
But... I have been diligently using their products okay!


Photo at IDS clinic! I have countless photos of this wall already lols. Anyways, there's a reason why I could only take photo of this corner was cause... there are patients sitting on the other half of the sofa and also some at the dispensary and registration counter. Normally I will avoid taking photos when there are patients cause some might not like it? Also I will feel awkward lols. Oh and if you are wondering, my camera is always in my bag.

Started the visit with
a consultation with Dr WS Heng.
Yes, IDS Clinic has 2 doctors!

I visited Dr Heng instead of Dr Tan cause Dr Tan is really busy during that period. His schedule was fully booked and he will be away from the clinic for 2 weeks in Oct :o I ran out of products and I had to make a trip there to top up stuffs. Since I'm going there, might as well have a follow up consultation right? Was making an appointment and they said Dr Heng had an available slot so faster chope hahas. Anyways I feel that there's no diff if you visit Dr Tan or Dr Heng cause...

1. IDS is not a huge overly commercialized clinic
It's not like they have a huge group of doctors there. I believe their doctors communicate with each other very frequently. Plus Dr Tan is the boss so they definitely have to talk ;)

2. They are both doctors of IDS Clinic
They have the access to the same stuffs. Even if you didn't consult Dr Heng before, he can request to pull your patient info (with all the photos). That way he will know every single detail about your condition ;)

Anyways, Dr Heng is as friendly and professional as Dr Tan! His consultation style is very similar to Dr Tan. As usual, you enter the doctor's room, he will take a close look at your skin using that professional magnifying eyewear, compare it with your past records, let you know if you are doing good and whether you need to have any changes to your skincare routine!

Past (14th July) vs Current before treatment(30th Sept)
Update on my skin condition! I rarely have massive breakouts now (please don't let me jinx myself the last time I said this, I got a massive breakout -.-). There are occasional breakouts but not those super horrible ones. Dr Heng showed me a photo of my face taken in March and I was like "wahs last time my skin so bad one?!". Btw I think my condition has been stable over the past few months? But IDS lighting is way better (I was sitting right beside the window) hence you can actually see my uneven skin surface in the photo!

Currently my main problems are oily skin and whiteheads. And sadly these two are the ones causing my occasional breakouts. My skin is less oily then before hence I no longer breakout as frequently. But still I need to have follow ups to make my skin less oily and have lesser whiteheads! Oh and... I forgot to ask Dr Heng for eye cream! My puffy and dark eye bags need some help :/

Done with consultation, next is another treatment to pamper my skin!
IDS Clinic Hydro Therapeutics Treatment!
My therapeutist that day was JoJo.

This treatment is similar to the ATT Plus treatment I did previously!
Cause that started with HydraFacial too!
Step 1: Dermabrasion using HydraFacial
Step 2: Comedones Removal
Step 3: C+ Penetration
Step 4: Mask
This treatment is mad good please! I love their HydraFacial dermabrasion cause it is not painful at all and is so comfortable, unlike those who still uses crystal or diamond peels! Btw, all treatments will only be done after doctors' recommendation!

If you are curious, they have different kinds of treatments for different skin conditions. If you are interested in any, feel free to ask your doctor about it ;)

Before (left) and After (right) facial photos
Same as before, my face was super smooth after the treatment! And I realized JoJo even removed my hidden pimple! I had a pimple growing on my nose, even though I couldn't see it I could feel it, cause it was painful when ever I touch it. During the treatment, I knew JoJo was doing something to the pimple cause I could feel abit of pain on the nose (just like the pain when I touch that pimple). And after the treatment, it that spot on the nose wasn't painful anymore! Yay and all the pimple/oil bumps flattened!

Left IDS Clinic with a whole bag of goodies! They costed me a bomb BUT it is worth it! Ran out of Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer and Clear10. Got a new SPOT gel (new improved formula and notlonger tinted). And... doctor finally allowed me to use the highly raved facial scrub! Can't wait to try the scrub!!!

Me and my bag of goodies! Btw, I went to Orchard looking like that lols. I'm okay with going out barefaced as long as my face isn't red. I have very sensitive skin that gets red really quickly, especially after facials. The good thing about IDS treatment is that, I've never once left that place with red face! Their cooling mask owns!

My receipt for the day. You can find the prices of the products I bought today. A lot of you have been asking me how much I spend on my products but I never really calculated it before cause my regime changed a couple of times! Will calculate the price for you all in my next post okay. Will be reviewing all the products I have tried in the next post! Will include my 6 months old video too hahahas.


IDS Clinic
Novena Specialist Center
8 Sinaran Drive, #05-07 to 10
Singapore 307470
T: +65 6568 3555

That's all for this post!
For those who are currently fighting their acnes, 화이팅 (hwaiting) ! ♥

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