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[Event] Hada Labo Media Launch with 小凱老師!

Sunday 22 May 2016

Attended Hada Labo's media launch where they shared with us the hydrating abilities of Hada Labo products! Thank you Hada Labo and The PR People for the invite!

小凱老師 (Xiao Kai Lao Shi) taught us how to hydrate our skin using Hada Labo products and also gave us tips to have flawless and natural looking foundation application!

Being a famous makeup artist, how can 小凱老師 not give any make up tips right? One of the makeup tips he gave was to dot your BB Cream on parts of your face, focusing on the forehead, chin, under the eye and areas where you want to highlight. Then drop some of the Hada Labo Essence on your makeup sponge and dap it onto your skin in fast and repeated daps! That way, the essence will hydrate your skin and blend your makeup into your skin to give you a super flawless and natural look!

Afterwhich, it was sciency time! Dr Naelong Wang, Hada Labo's scientific expert, shared with the science behind Hada Labo products and let us have a go at a lab experiment!

Here are the four types of HA present in Hada Labo's hydrating products! Large HA for the surface, Mid and Super HA for the skin layer and Nano HA to penetrate deep into the skin! All these will ensure hydration and moisturize your skin even in the deepest layers!

We had a go at mixing the Super HA powder (which is super expensive) with water and we could see how the power holds the water and creates a gel-like substance. This gel has super smooth texture, is colorless and has no fragrance at all. The best part? It left my skin mad smooth almost instantly! That's the power of the Super HA!

Hada Labo is not a new brand on this blog cause I've reviewed a couple of products before. I received a couple of products during this launch and will be reviewing them to share the difference! So keep a look out for the reviews!

Ending this post with a photo with 小凱老師 cause he stayed back after the event to have a photo op with all the media! :)

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