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Skincare I Cannot Leave Home Without!

Sunday 15 May 2016

I've been using IDS skincare for about or even more than 2 years now. I decided to do a post on my favorite IDS skincare products that I cannot leave home without since I brought them with me on my recent Japan+Korea trip! Also, this is actually a guest post at JYSK's blog. You can view the guest post over at their page too - #IDSSPOTLIGHT Katelyn Tan. p.s There's even one product that is always in my bag!

Photo taken at my guesthouse in Korea!

Above are the four items that I always bring with me when I travel and they are (left to right):
Lyco-White, S2 Sunscreen (Non-tinted), OM Oil-free Moisturizer and DD Diamond Dust Perfector

Actually I've reviewed all these products before but I will share why I always bring them when I travel and also hyperlink the product names to the respective reviews!

Well, think of these two as a combi that goes together. Lyco-white protects you from the sun from head to toe and the sunscreen as an added sun protection. Oh and I always use this sunscreen cause of its oil control properties too!

Btw normally when I travel, I won't bring the full bottles. I will just count the number of lyco-white pills that I need (add a few extra ones) and pack them in a zip lock bag or container. As for sunscreen, I will pour some in a travel sized bottle.

This has got to be my favorite moisturizer! It is totally non-oily and yet it is hydrating. Even for spring weather of an average of 15degrees, it didn't cause me any breakout unlike what happened to another product for my Hong Kong trip. So yes, this is my favorite product cause it is non-greasy and keeps my skin moisturized regardless of the weather. *must keep repeating this point cause it is really that awesome!* My OM is always the first product that I run out cause I can wash my face in the middle of the day and only re-apply the OM and I really use it every single day!

Lastly, my new favorite! IDS Skincare's Diamond Dust Perfector in a new packaging! This new packaging is so gorgeous and it is so travel friendly. And yes, this is the product that is always in my bag. One pump goes a long way so you can use it for quite some time. This products is really lightweight, non-flaky, non-patchy, non-yellowish, brightens skin, non-oily and non-sticky and the reason why I love it so much cause it makes my skin look flawless on camera! There's really a difference with and without the product.

Photo taken in Ueno Park in Japan!

That's all for my short post on the skincare I cannot leave home without! Btw, you can purchase the IDS Diamond-Dust Perfector online by emailing sales@jyskskinsolutions.com! They still have stocks now so faster purchase one before it gets out of stock again, don't say I didn't share! ;)

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  1. Bad products. Cause breakouts. Do NOT purchase.