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Flowers Ordered! :)

Tuesday 10 May 2011

As I mentioned in the previously, I will be wrapping two bouquets! :) 
One for grandma and one for mummy.

And... I've ordered the flowers already!
20 pink carnations, 20 red carnations (10pink and 10red in each bouquet)
10stalks of baby's breath
10stalks of montersa leaf
4 wrapping paper
2 ribbons
1 roll of cotton wool

It will be delivered to me on wednesday. I will keep them in a pail of water then wrap on thursday as i will be busy studying on wednesday. I'm feeling so excited lols! Can't wait to wrap those flowers! I think I might get addicted wrapping flowers and end up wrapping for them every year! lols! but there won't be any surprise for subsequent years. Shall see how it goes :)

But for now, I must stay focused and study! The previous two papers were horrible. I hope there will be a good moderation to help me push up my grades :(

Keep a lookout on my blog for the outcome of the flowers on thursday! :)

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