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Going On A Diet!

Friday 20 May 2011

I declare I shall be going on a diet! Will let you all know how much weight I lose after 1 month!
Shall keep my fingers crossed ><
Put on too much weight during the exam period already :(

Slimming Day 1
Breakfast: Porridge
Lunch: 2 slices of ham and Pandan cake
Dinner: One bowl of chicken sweetcorn soup with two table scoops of rice + vege

I've always felt that I'm fat and arghh! After the exams i felt fatter :(
That's the reason why I don't post any photos of myself on this blog.
Yes, eventually I will post photos of me in clothings which I buy and stuff but I wont show my face i guess. What I can say is, I want to share stuffs with you all but I still don't want people to know who I am. Hmm a little confusing?

Let me share something about myself with you all so you will know why I'm like this...

I like to share what I know and that's one of the reason why I set up this blog - to share stuffs about shopping, food, songs, makeup, nails, etc with all of you. But I'm someone with very low confidence level and I'm scared of being called fat and being looked down upon again. Being a big UK10, I always felt that I'm fat [actually when I was in secondary school I thought being a UK10 is acceptable cause it's still in the healthy weight range!]. But one relationship changed my mindset completely. His family (mum and sis) were both very skinny and they did say that I'm fat behind my back :( I guess many of you all feel that a UK10 is fat too? Although I've broke up with him, but because of his family, till now I have this mindset that everyone feels that a UK10 is fat :( Which leads to my diet plan now. Why now? Because I did try to go on a diet during exams before but I won't be able to focus and I will still end up eating :( I hope it will be successful this time! Keeping my fingers crossed!

Shall stop ranting :( Sorry about it. Thought it will help you know me better.
Anyways, I will be doing a nail art tutorial soon. Once I receive my dotting tool :) Keep a lookout for it!

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