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Sundown Marathon Volunteering! :)

Tuesday 31 May 2011

Today is my birthday! :) And I'm 20 already! :( I want to stay 19! Though it's only a year's difference, 20 sound so much older compared to 19!! All of you had this feeling when you turned 20? :(

Here's the sundown marathon post! :)
We gathered outside Tanah Merah MRT station at 6.15 and waited till almost 7 then we got a shuttle bus to ECP! After changing, having our first snack pack (cakes, mini doughnut) and briefing, we were brought to our individual venues at around 8.30pm.

Here are the photos I took during the race :) The photos are of bad quality cause I took them using my phone :(

Our volunteer pass! :) I was posted to the ECP route which is the 42km route!!

The place I'm posted to is the ECP turn in :)

We were to stay here and direct them in. It was quite boring :( We started waiting there

Our Star Wars stick! Initially Alexander asked which group want to do a fun thing. He said its Star Wars. But it wasn't that fun there :(
We weren't told our location number. So everytime when a problem cropped up (ie. people not feeling well and stuff), we called him and when he asked who we were, we say we are the star wars people =P


Here comes the first runner @ 10.48pm! We were at the about 12km area. The race started at 10pm. Which means he took only 48mins to run 12km!! The red light is the light of the 2 traffic police bike that follows the first runner!

Our second snack pack @2.25am! (nuggets, curry puff, drumlet) and loads of drinks! Initially we were running out of drink and we asked Alexander to help us get more drinks. After that Xavier came with 2 large bottles of mineral water. And someone else (whom we don't know his name) came with 5 bottles of cold small mineral water! And he later came back with our snack packs and green tea! :)

We got tired of holing the "light saber". So we left it on one of the cones like this to direct them in. We started placing it like this since around 2am. Cause there was lesser and lesser people running in or rather walking in.

At about 2+am they confirmed that the last man have already passed our area. So at 3.35am, we got redeployed to one of the water points. That place was scary! You could see cups everywhere on the side of the tracks!

There was nothing for us to do there! So we just sat and slack. And OMG ECP IS REALLY DIRTY! There are alot of rats and cockroaches there! We initially sat on the bench and didn't see anything rats and stuff cause it was too dark there. Then we walked over to the breakwater and sat there for awhile. Suddenly one of our friend say she saw a cockroach! And we all jumped up! When the cockroach ran into a hole, we all brisk walked out of that place and we went back to the bench. While sitting there, we could see a few rats running on the sand! Then we saw another cockroach and we all screamed! And our guy friend used a cup to cover it. Conclusion, ECP is not as romantic after all.

After we were dismissed at around 6am we ended up not waiting for the sunrise cause my friends were all very tired. Then daddy and mummy came to fetch me. And we went to Bedok 85 market to eat!

I got white beehoon. Daddy and mummy got dark noodles from another store and they bought coffee too. I don't drink coffee so i got grassjelly with less sugar after finishing our food. By the time we were done eating, it was 7am already! But we ending up waiting till 7.30am for the fried dough sticks (you tiao). So I reached home at 8plus and after bathing and stuff, I slept till 1pm!

And when I woke up, I realised I got a lot of mosquito bites! Initially they didn't itch at all. But at night it started itching. And its really itchy now :(

Also, yesterday I went to recee a venue for my hall's SP night and had my hall mates celebrated my birthday for me. Will do a post about it tomorrow! :)


Slimming Day 11
breakfast: popiah + vege crisp
snack: chicken meat
dinner: fish and chips (oriole cafe and bar @ 313) + birthday cake

Slimming Day 12
brunch: porridge
snack: curry potato + chicken
dinner: depends on what i have during movies later :) Should be cupcorn if they have it there :)

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