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Playful Kiss! ♥

Sunday 19 June 2011

The drama I'm going to intro to you all today is Playful Kiss! :)
Also known as Mischievous Kiss.

Here's the drama's teaser 1 and 2 combined! :)

This drama is based on the popular Japanese manga Mischievous Kiss.
The leads of this drama are Baek Sueng-jo(Kim Hyung Joong) and Oh Hani(Jung So Min).
Baek Sueng-jo is a popular and genius male student while Oh Hani is not not-so-genius but cheerful female student. Hani has always been in love with Sueng-jo and when she finally had the courage to give him the love letter she wrote, she was humiliated by him as he corrected all the mistakes in the letter! An earthquake destroyed Hani's home and she and her dad ended up living with Sueng-jo's family as it turns out that Seung-jo's dad and Hani's dad were long lost friends. Now Hani is able to stay near the guy she loves but will she be able to move Seung-jo's heart? Watch the drama yourself! :) I don't wish to spoil it for you here.

Here are two songs from the drama which i love alot!!

Actually I watched this drama last holiday! which is slightly more than half a year go! :) But I suddenly thought of it and decided to share with you all! I knew about this show while it was on air in Korea. But I like to watch shows all at a time. Cause when I start watching a drama, and if it's one I really like, I can't wait to watch the next episode! And I didn't want this to make distracted and stuff. So usually I would wait till it was completed then I started watching :) 

Also, there is also a youtube version of this drama! It's the Playful Kiss Special Edition posted on youtube and it's somewhat like a continuation from where the drama ended.

Another thing about this drama is that they have many nice bags! The bags that Jung So Min used in this drama! I managed to find the original website of where they got the bags from but they are rather ex :( I'm still saving up for a Mulberry bag.

Hope you all like this drama as much as I do!! :)

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