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Yummy Lunch! :)

Monday 29 August 2011

Had a yummy lunch with my school mates last wed! :)
Got quite tired of school food already :(
But this is one of the few food that we have not gotten sick of yet!
That cafe is very small and it's hard to find seats there! hahas.

Place: Café by the Quad
(Situated beside NTU school of biological science)

Food: Teriyaki Chicken Udon ($3.50)
Like the noodles, teriyaki chicken, but not the tapioca/yam thingy :(

A cute panda fish cake in the udon! :)
Looks yummy?
Travel to NTU to eat it too! :)


Spree 3 for films closed.
Status: still waiting for supplier's confirmation.
Spree 4 for instax films opened!
Last order for bag spree to close!
Spree 2 for personalised accessories opened!

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