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Four Girls, Two Pizzas!

Friday 16 September 2011

My friends were crazy enough to order two regular pizzas when there were only 4 of us eating!
Initially for 3. When I haven't tell them that I was going to join them.

We got hawaiian and bbq ones!

Crazy right? 
Four girls, two pizzas.
So we each had four slices!!

Initially I eat 2 slices it's more than enough already.
But lucky for me, that day I didn't have lunch.
So I could eat 3 slices.
There was still one last piece left.
So it was kept for supper :)

I had a friend who could finish all four slices at one go!!

Hehex but it was rather cheap ehh. 7+ per person only :)
Delivered to hall somemore :)
So the four of us were just chilling in the TV lounge and eating :)

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