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Hall 8 D&D 2011 :)

Tuesday 6 September 2011

Finally here is the Hall 8 DnD post!
I'm super lagging in my posts :(
Cause some of the photos I need but I did not take any.
So had to wait for my friends to upload on facebook.

Curious about the new dress I bought the other day and said I was wearing it for DnD?

Here it is! :)

It's a self manufactured dress by Fairebelle!
Inspired by the D&G dress Selena Gomez wore to vanity fair oscar party! :)

Shopped online and bought it for hall's DnD! :)
Cause the theme was heroes and fairytales
and the pastel purple dress looks very fairytale-ish :)

In daddy's car! :)
Daddy drove me to the event venue - Holiday Inn Atrium!
Daddy always drive me wherever I want to go,
and mummy will always accompany him to keep a lookout for traffic!
So sweet right? I have the best parents! :)

And yupps I brought my polaroid camera :)
Gonna take polaroids with my hall friends! :)

Holiday Inn Atrium Level 4. 
Where all the function rooms are!

Our menu for the day!

First up was the combination platter!
The food was okok only.
Maybe cause it was quite oily,
and I don't like oily food! :(
Cause I want to loose weight then I always use kitchen paper to drain the oil first.
And slowly I got used to not liking food that is very oily or has a very strong oil taste!
I'm fine with mcdonalds though, except for their fries =X

Then it was shark's fin!
Don't really find it nice too :(
Maybe cause I forgot to add a little bit of vinegar.
Usually I will add 1/2 drops of vinegar and add pepper too!

Fish and Prawn!
These two were not bad!
Like the sauce they use for the prawn :)
And the fish was quite fresh :)

Mushroom, bean curd skin and vege!
This was quite saltish =X
But the mushroom was the soft soft kind! :)

Hmmm this was not bad too.
Dind't eat the skin though.
Cause it was oily =X
But the meat was fine! :)

Didn't like it :(
It's really just noodles and nothing else!
So it was quite plain and bland.
And it was rather dry too :(

Last up was Red Bean Sago.
Didn't really like it.
Didn't finish it too.
Too sweet :(

So yupps!
That was all the food for the day.
Spending $50 for such food was not quite worth it :(

But... I did enjoy myself!
There was the pageant contest so we were cheering for our own clan memebers.
And after the event we went around to take photos with each other! :)

And so sorry for the lousy photos :(
All taken using my phone camera.
That was the week I forgot to bring my camera home.
And all the cameras I had at home weren't charge or were too bulky :(

Some of the pageant photos!
These are better. Cause I got them from a friend's album ;)

That's all about hall 8's DnD 2011 :)

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