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Happy Birthday Fel! :)

Sunday 25 September 2011

Celebrated Fel's birthday on 17sept :)
It was an early birthday celebration.
Her actual birthday is 18sept :)

But this post became a belated birthday post.
* Arghhh! All my posts are lagging!! * :(

Okays back to the topic.
First Lyn and I told her we wanna go shopping.
So we made her go to Nex with us.
And at around dinner time,
we told her we were hungry and say we wanna go Strictly Pancakes to eat!
It's at Prinsep Street :) Walking distance from Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station.
It's near The Cathay :)
So we reached there,
sat down and have dinner! :)
The menu :)

We sat outside though.
Cause inside was full already :(

Yay! Here comes our honey and garlic butter!

Then came our food!

We ordered 2 plates to share.
Cause after that they still planned to go to Play Nation!

Potatoes Leeking Cheese ($12)
Hmm the pancake itself has potatoes, cheese and leek stuffed inside. And that black black pile is actually black pepper mushrooms! (Sorry used my handphone cam)
The pancake was a little bland, so please use the sauce/honey/butter with it!
The black pepper mushrooms were not bad :)
First time eating black pepper mushrooms! lols!

Benedict The Thief ($14)
Hmm this is the one that fel didn't really like.
All because of the egg! Yes the egg! Why?
Cause the egg has a sour cream taste.
I do agree that it tastes a little weird :(
But other than that, eating the pancake together with the turkey ham and sauce was nice :)
If you want to try this, eat the egg together with everything else.
Don't eat the egg alone else the sour cream taste is super strong.
I felt that mixing all together and eat was ok :)

Then while eating halfway, the rest came and fel got surprised! :)
Then after eating they went to Play Nation to play board games and cut the cake.
I didn't join them cause I had to rush home :(

But at least I made an effort to travel there to celebrate with her!
I even tried delaying what I had at home to stay a little longer with them.
But anyways...

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