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Joi Cai Chun Jia & Rebecca Jin Hai Xin 女人们的咖啡 :)

Friday 2 September 2011

Heard this song on the radio! :)
Really like it alot.
Shall practice this song too! :)

It's a song released in dec2007 :)
So... It's actually a super old song but I only heard it recently =X

Here is the song!
by Joi Cai Chun Jia & Rebecca Jin Hai Xin

Hope you all like it too! :)
The chinese words a lil chim though.
Hehex my chinese quite weak =X
Can speak but not read and write.
Barely got an A2 for O levels chinese
and A levels chinese was horrible =X
Will take abit of time to learn this song fully!

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