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Mooncake Festival! :)

Monday 12 September 2011

It's the mooncake time of the year again!
*yummy yummy*

Every year my aunt will buy my grandma mooncakes.
And my grandma knows I love snow skin mooncakes!
So she purposely ask my aunt to buy that!! :)
Daddy also always buy snow skin mooncakes for me!
So sweet right?
I have a lovely and sweet family!
Love them loads!! :)

And this year...

I got something special...


See! So cute! It's so small! :)

It looks yummy,
smells yummy,

tastes yummy too!
It's made by one of my engineering senior, rachel!
So nice of her to make a share for each of us!! :)
She is the super sweet senior who bought me cupcakes for during my hall camp period!
Must learn how to be as thoughtful as her!

I wanted to learn how to make a mooncake too!
Cause I saw cute pooh and mickey mooncake moulds online hehex.
And I also saw a groupon offer for mooncake making courses!
But now I can just ask rachel to teach me!!
YAY! :)
Problem is I still don't have an oven at home :(
Daddy still haven't buy me one.
He just don't believe that I want to learn how to bake stuff :(
Hopefully snow skin mooncakes don't need oven to make?
Cause I totally have no idea how to make it! lols!
But I want to learn how to bake cupcakes too!

I'm a busy busy girl who wants to learn this and that
but ends up learning none of it cause I really can't find time to :(

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