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DIY Birthday Present! :)

Tuesday 22 November 2011

As mentioned earlier, I made a present for my friend's 21st birthday!
It was somewhat like scrapbooking :)

Here is the final product!
Is it nice?
So glad that she likes it too! :)

Continue reading to know where I got the materials from and also the tutorial! :)

Inspired by:
Nice right?
Very simple yet classy!
Comparing this and the one I did, this looks so much nicer! :(
But I still like what I did too! :)

Went around the whole of Jurong Point!
Took me 2hrs+ to do and almost 3hrs to buy the stuffs!

So which shops did I exactly buy my items from?

First I went to Crystals 'N' Beads.
Found all the flat back crystals and pearls i needed :)

Then I was searching around the shops nearby for lace (but still couldn't find any)
But I found this instead! 
Party hats!
Super cute right? It's from Artbox! :)

And I bought the paper bag there as well! :)

Next, I went to Fotohub to print the photo needed!
Love the desktop design of the machine! Pink and butterflies! :)

Now to get the papers and glue!
JP's popular is super huge!
Had a hard time finding what I wanted :(
But the good thing is that now more and more popular branches are selling scrapbook papers!
So I can easily get those nice nice papers! :)

I went around the beads shop and popular looking for flower decorations.
But couldn't find any nice ones.
I only know how to make roses and not those paper flowers.
So no matter what I had to buy some! :(

So I decided to go to Chameleon.
Yes, the store which sells hair accessories, etc.
And I really found nice flower hair clips there! Lols!
Paper flowers hair clip!
I wonder what happens if you use this on a rainy day without an umbrella o.o

And so shopping trip done!
In the end still didn't manage to get the lace though :(

Now for the step by step tutorial! :)
All the items used :)
Spent $30+ on the decorating materials alone.
Mainly because the crystals were ex, but the quality is good!
If you want to save some money, you could order those cheaper ones online :)

Step 1: Remove the flowers from the hair clip. poor flowers :(

Step 2: Cut the background paper which you would like to use to the size and shape that you want and paste it on the album cover

Step 3: Paste your photo/s on it :)

Step 4: Start to glue on your flower decorations
(It should look like what's above)

Step 5: Start to glue on the flat back crystals! (Bottom swirl design)

How to apply the glue?
This was what I did:
Place some glue on a toothpick, then apply the glue onto the crystals using the toothpick.
Initially I tried to put the glue straight on the crystals.
But the crystals were really two small and ended up getting stuck to the whole glue! :(

This step to glue the crystals is a real messy part - the crystals are so small, the glue tends to overflow.
So how?
Using another clean toothpick, you can try to remove some of the excess.
But be careful not the shift the crystals as they are not dried yet.

Finally! The first two crystal swirls were done! :)

Look at how messy my table was =X

Step 6: Using the same method to glue the crystals, complete the top swirl design! :)

Step 7: Using foam paper, cut out the number "21" (make sure you have a sharp scissors!) 
and glue it on :)

Step 8: Write the name below the photo
and you are done! :)

Yay! :)
And I super love the flowers!

And guess what?
I found a tutorial for the flowers!!
Something new for me to learn!
Click here for the link ♥
I will try it out when I have the time and blog about it :)
Hope this tutorial is useful to you all ♥
Will blog about her birthday party when she uploads the photos :)

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