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Friday 4 November 2011

We have
with us today!

Here are some of the outfits in their latest collection :)

So what are my picks?
A simple pink dress! :)
Suitable for school!
Especially on those days that you want to be dressy 
but you don't feel like mixing and matching :)

A classy purple dress!
I feel that the spandex material gave it a very classy feel.
Maybe cause its royal purple too :)

And guess what?
Luvest have their own e-magazine!

I think this is one of the few shops that I see putting in so much effort.
They even came up with a video for each collection!
Here is the video for this collection :)

Remember to pop by their website to view the full collection! :)


  1. Can you please message me where you got these beautiful dresses, please!

    1. Hello babe, they are from http://www.luvest.com/ :)
      Hope that helps!