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First Time at H&M!

Sunday 18 December 2011

Christmas decorations along Somerset! :)
The angel wings!
I would have taken a photo with it if I had someone with me!
But too bad I was there alone :( Cause was on my way to school decide to stop by to shop hahas!

Yes they've opened for so long already and it's only my first time there!

A big big place! :)
Don't think there's a lot of clothes :(
Lots of walking space though =X

Their dressing room is very spacious :)
And note their sizes is in US size I think.
Super large :(

Only bought one top there!
Maybe it's not a suitable time to shop there?
Lots of "winter" clothings!
Those thick and knitted clothings.
Think it's not really suitable to wear in Singapore :(

Then I went to school for my project meeting!
It was only 10mins!
Bleah! Travelled all the way from Pasir Ris to Boon Lay just for that 5mins meeting?!?
Luckily I went shopping!
At least I can console myself by telling myself that I bought a top from H&M while travelling to school.

And daddy happens to be waiting for my sis at SP! :)
So I went to look for them at SP and had a ride home!
Plus we had macs!
Bought double fillet meal for daddy and sis.
Bought the double lime sundae with nata de coco ice cream to try out!

Taste not bad!
My sister and I love nata de coco! :)
But I gave her the whole ice cream after eating a few mouths of it.
Cause I know she like it and also cause she said she was very hungry.
The ice cream melted super quickly.
It's just the normal macdonald ice cream.
But I guess the weather was to hot that day :(

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