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Jump Jump Rescue!

Thursday 15 December 2011

Cute, fun and educational game alert!
It's a contest organised by Central Narcotics Bureau!
The games were created by three teams of students from Singapore Polytechnic (The Right Choice), ITE College Central (Escape from Drugs Land) and ITE College West (Jump Jump Rescue). The three games clinched the top spots at the Flash Games Competition organised by NCADA and CNB in collaboration with the DigiPen Institute of Technology – Singapore and Media Development Authority (MDA) in October 2010.

Speaking of Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB), I've actually been there before!
Wait wait! Not cause of taking drugs okay!
I know the negatives effects of drugs! Of course I won't take them!
Been there for an educational talk when I was still in secondary school :)

Been playing their cute game for the past few days :)

Jump jump jump! :)
Similar to a silver bells rabbit game I played in the past that use the mouse to control.
This is so much nicer to play! Cause it uses buttons A and D. So there is better control :)

Hot air balloon!
Take a break and learn something about drugs!

I'm finally in space!
And in a rocket! :)

My high score now!
Come play the game and try to break my high score! :)

What's more?
Play the game and stand to win an iPad2 and weekly $150 RWS vouchers!
Hurry and try out the game here!

I'm participating in their another contest :)
Ichoozelife Contest 2!
Please help vote for me and my lil sister!

1. click this link http://apps.facebook.com/ichoozelife/index.php
2. allow the app
3. look for my sister's name (Huiling HLmilk Tan) and my name (Katelyn Tan)
4. click vote

Sister is currently at the 4th position and I'm at the 6th :(
Please help the both of us get into top 3!
Thank you very much! ♥
*Vote and you can apply to get a souvenir from CNB too*

Lastly, to end off this post...
So make the right choice - avoid drugs!

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