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Party World KTV time! :)

Friday 9 December 2011

Went to Party World KTV at Vivo City with my engineering friends! :)
We got the large room (for 10 people)
There is some student offer going on.
So for 4hours, it's only 10+ per pax! :)

My phone, wristlet and camera case :)
Need to change my screen protector soon!
See! It has so many scratches :(

Sing Sing Sing! :)
We have zai singers with us ok! ;)
Our engineering family has "JJ lin" and "Zhang Shao Han" :)

I didn't really have much photos inside there :(
Cause I'm the one taking the photos!
Hint hint next time if you all go out with me,
please use my camera take photo too k! =P
I like to appear in photos too! :(
Actually I prefer appearing in photos rather than taking photos of others :(
But... If I don't take photos, then I won't have any photos to blog!
Cause they all don't have a habit of bringing their cameras out :(

Rainbow! :)

Vivo's Christmas Tree! :)

Photo with Joy :)
See her eyes are red?
She had an eye infection for quite some time on and off already :(
Hope her eyes get well soon!

Joy and I wanted to go to the open area facing Sentosa 
to take some photos while waiting for those who went to the toilet!
The night scenery was nice! :)
But... when we were about to walk there, they came out of the toilet already :(
And guys being guys, rather faster go and eat that take photos :(

Dinner at Carl's Jr!

Long long straws! :)
I used that too hehex.
I think it's meant for people who are sharing drinks?
Cause I shared my drink with Joy.
She used the normal sized straw while I use the longer one.
And we placed the cup nearer to her and I still can drink normally :)
No need to keep shifting the cups around when we want to drink.

There were 10 of us and we had to split tables :(
Couldn't sit all together.
And naturally, we split into the different generations!
KEN's "parents", KEN and PO
I'm from KEN :)
Not sure what was the orientation group name of the batch before us though =X
PO is the name of our freshies :)

Shared this with Joy :)

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