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Bugis Again!

Friday 27 January 2012

Went to Bugis in two consecutive days!
Think I visited Bugis quite frequently during the holidays.
This time was to shop for a new school bag and buy more dry food!
Had to buy a new school bag cause the old one was tearing and school was starting the next day!

On our way to Bugis!

This time we went to another dry food centre.
This one is at Albert Centre!
First floor is a hawker centre.
Second floor is a dry food wholesale centre.
It was super super crowded at the wholesale centre!

All their dry food were out for sampling!
Wonder how many people really buy after eating.
Cause I saw many there who were just eating and didn't say what they want to buy.

The view from upstairs :)
It's actually near OG.

After buying what we want, we went to buy some food :)
Mummy went to get some beehoon mee.
Then we went to...
This wantan noodles stall.
I love wantan noodles!
And this is definitely one store I would recommend :)
Daddy always comes here to buy wantan noodles for us.
This stall is really popular and usually they close shop early!

After buying wantan noodles we went to bugis street look for a nice school bag.
Ended up not finding any school bag but bought bun from this stall!
I blogged about this before too! here :)

Then we went to the car to wait for daddy.
Daddy was having a haircut!

Yummy wantan noodles!
Shared this with mummy cause I was feeling full.
So mummy kept the rest of her beehoon mee for daddy hahas.

When daddy came back, he had the beehoon mee and bun before driving :)
He went to Singapore Mint while we were at Bugis!

Collected his and grandpa's coins from Singapore Mint.
Both of them are coin collectors!
They buy it every chinese new year.
But grandpa collectors more I think ;)

Gifts from Singapore Mint.
Red packets and a paper dragon.

As I still couldn't find a school bag that I like, we went to White Sands.
Cause Alicia recommended me rainbow bags from Sparkling Stars Accessories!

CNY deco at White Sands Shopping Centre! :)

In Sparkling Stars Accessories!
They sell lots of korean stuff.
The store was playing "Nagging" when I was there.
So I was softly singing it hahahas.

Yay! Bought the bag there :)

One of the rainbow bag! :)
Happy girl with a new bag!

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