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First Singing Session of the Year!

Friday 20 January 2012

It's the first k session of the year!
And it's with my engineering friends :)

Party World @ Clementi

See all the lightings?
Like have an indoor mini concert =P

The guys!

The girls!

There were only 5 people that day.
3 guys, 2 girls :)

Was in my rainbow cardigan again!
Love this cardigan to the max!
So easy to match.
And look I got a matching paper bag lols!
Brought the paper bag out cause I had to mail some stuffs.

Posing with my paper bag? hahas.

Isolating himself, standing up and dancing while singing! lols.
Raymond was actually singing with haoran and had to "isolate" himself and stand at one corner cause the mics were really sensitive (maybe due to high echo settings) so it will screech when the mics were to close to each other :(

And I bought Bubble Orange in =P
Love their pudding milk tea! :)

Another one standing up to sing.
The guys really like to stand up to sing huh?

End of 3hrs of singing!
And Joy left halfway cause she had to go teach piano.

Waiting for Eugene to come meet us for dinner!
So we were walking around clementi.

Nice fountain :)
Didn't come here at night before.

It was close to 7pm then.
The sky was two tone.
Don't really look nice in this photos cause got quite abit of noise.
The sky was very smooth, almost no cloud and had two shades!
Very very nice :)

And we went around Clementi mall!

Waiting for Eugene to walk out of the MRT Station :)

And it was time for food! :)

The hawker center was very very crowded!

Bought chicken rice from this store :)
Seems quite nice cause got long queue hahas!
Xiang Yu queue to buy food for me :)
Cause he was getting chicken rice too!

Our food!
Eugene wasn't back yet :(
So we were waiting!

Looks yummy!
And tasted yummy too!
The chicken meat was very smooth :)

I actually haven't eat yet! hahas.
Half of the rice gone cause I gave it to haoran.
Was very full that night.
Think it's cause I drank one whole cup of pudding milk tea!

As usual, I ordered chicken breast meat.
The most lean part of a chicken =P

This stall's chicken rice really not bad!
If you all do go to Clementi, do give it a try too ;)

And that's the end of my first singing session of the year post! :)

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