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Friday 6 January 2012

Just became an affiliate with Sigma!
So I guess from now on, you will be seeing some Sigma related posts here! :)

Never heard of Sigma before?

The Sigma Makeup brand is synonymous with quality and functionality. Their products are handmade and were developed to satisfy the highest quality standards.
They offer a complete line of professional brushes specifically designed to highlight eyes and face. Each brush was individually tested for performance, resistance, and durability.
The Sigma Makeup brushes are available in different kits to attend your specific needs. You can also acquire individual brushes and customize your own kit. A brush roll specifically designed to hold and maintain your Sigma Makeup brush collection is also available.

Sigma Makeup really earned a good reputation for themselves! Their brushes are comparable to MAC's brushes. And the best thing? It's a lot cheaper than MAC! They even have lovely brush sets that comes with a matching holder :)

Here is one that I really love!
1. It's pink in colour!
2. It has all the necessities to put on makeup!
Planning on getting this real soon :)

Plus no need to worry about them not shipping to your country cause...
they ship worldwide!
they accept payment by credit cards & paypal! :)

You might be thinking...
"Hmmm this shop is really not bad.
But what's the rush?
I can always buy later."
But you are wrong! =P

2 Reasons for you to buy from them NOW

1. They are currently having a 10% off!
only valid till 31st Jan 2012
remember to key in 0112XJML when you checkout!

2. There is a free gift for purchases over USD$30!

And those out there who are not sure of what gifts to get for your female friends,
why not order something from Sigma and get it shipped to your friend's house directly and surprise her?
Currently you can add on a greeting card from Sigma at no additional cost!
Good right?

With all these good reasons what are you waiting for?
Hurry and shop at Sigma Makeup now! :)

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