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Star Cruise Trip Booked! :)

Thursday 23 February 2012

Met at 9.15am at AMK MRT station for canvassing.
I reached on the dot and so many were late! :(
Was going to give out flyers for the our 18th Feb Garang Guni collection
(Which I can't attend cause I got stuffs on that day)
So I only went to give out flyers that day.

Our flyers!
Gave them door to door.
Those whose door were open, we told them personally.

We split into 4 groups.
My groups was at BLK 433 and 434.
Right opposite AMK Hub :)

After giving out all the flyers,
I went to AMK Hub to meet daddy and mummy :)

Daddy was in NTUC so mummy and I were walking around outside and bought snow ice!
Fresh mango and mango flavour snow ice :)

It used to be really nice in the past.
But now...

It's not nice at all!
Not smooth one! :(
It used to be layers of smooth ice.
* sad :( *

When daddy was done, we went to park mall at dhoby ghaut.

The previous time I came here was for my uni year 1 hall camp!
One of our amazing race stations was near here.

Photo of myself in the lift :)
Was in my favourite rainbow cardigan again!
(Haven't worn it for very long)

Reached the Star Curises office at level 11!

Nice CNY deco there :)

Our queue number.
Was supposed to look for June at the counter.
But there was no one at the counter.
So we've decided to just take a queue number hahas.

Empty reception counter :(

Super Star Virgo!

There were others there booking their trip too :)

We helped ourselves to the brochures while waiting.

Soon it was our turn and we made the payment for our star cruise trip.
Cruise date fixed!
2 Balcony Cabins for a 2-nights Malacca/Port Klang trip!
3 person per cabin.
Grandpa wasn't going cause he was scared of getting seasick.
Tried persuading him. But he was determined not to go.
So oh wells. Just the 6 of us going.
16-18th May!
During my holidays! :)


  1. Why don't u wait until NATAS Travel Fair @ Expo on 24-26 Feb 2012, and book your tickets over Star Cruise booth... To enjoy freebies and lucky draws! ^^

  2. Hey.. So I bet that's wed departure to port klang ya... If got time, can try the food which is just outside the port, canteen style.. The zi cha not bad (for me la)..


  3. Hahas yupps it's wed departure to port klang :)
    And thanks for the recommendation! Will go and try it out if I have the time :)