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New Buys Again!

Thursday 29 March 2012

I've got new buys again! lols!

A knitted top!
You all should have seen this top in my am+pm review already.
Will see it soon again as the outfit of the day for one of my outing post :)

But okays la. This week not so bad ok! One item only ;)
I'm excepting somemore items to reach me this week though :)
I'm a shop-a-holic! lols!


Some things were meant to be forgotten.
It haunted me for a very long time in the past.
And took me long before I stopped having those nightmares.

But others had to ask and remind me about it.
It was just a relationship that should not even happen in the first place.
One that I should not have agreed upon as it brought me so much pain.

When you said you were curious about something.
I could guess what you wanted to ask already.
At least you did not ask me at the wrong time.
Yes. It's okay if you ask when I'm over it.

But at that point of time I was thinking if I should talk about it.
After all it's something so long ago, no point bitching about it.

It wasn't the bitching and stuff which I was worried about.
I no longer feel the hurt anymore, no love, no hatred, nothing.
And if anyone asked me about it, I can laugh and talk about it.
( I was really laughing when I was chatting with you and telling you what happened )
But after that I was only worried about it haunting me in my dreams again.
And thank god it didn't.
I'm really glad :)

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