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New Items!

Monday 5 March 2012

A short post of my loots for the week :)
Been online shopping alot! =X
This is bad...
My bank balance...
But I'm a happy girl with my new stuffs =P

A cardigan from The Tinsel Rack! :)
Wore it the next day hahas.
You all will be seeing the post up soon ;)

Belts from Jipaban!
Problem was... These belts are too loose to be worn as a high waist belt :(
I think I need to bring it somewhere to punch extra holes =P

And what was in the black envelope?

Stickers and postcards from Jipaban!
So cute and sweet right?
Didn't know they will include this in their mail.
So it was quite a surprise! :)

And that's all I received for the week!

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