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Nuffnang 5th Birthday Bash

Tuesday 13 March 2012

Yay! I won a golden ticket to Nuffnang's 5th Birthday Bash!
* warning: lots of photos below *

That day was the deadline for my lab report.
So after I submitted my lab report, I started getting ready at 3pm! :)
Left hall only at 5.50pm! =X Called a cab.

Outfit of The Day
Dress: Fairebelle
Shawl: Bugis
Heels: Metro
Clutch: Dorothy Perkins

Braided my hair that day :)
(please ignore the dirty mirror)

Took a cab to the venue - Swissotel!

The event's at Equinox Private Dining Room, Level 69!

Signed the guest book :)

Was early. So we waited for awhile outside the venue :)
Felt really weird initially :(
Cause I didn't really know the people there.
But the nuffies there were really nice!
Some of them saw me alone and starting chatting with me :)

Entered the venue :)

Photo taking with the props at the photo booth! :)

Table 5!

More photos of the cozy venue :)

The view from level 69!!

Photo with XiaXue :)

Photo with Valerie (also known as Dweam)
She's really nice :) She even asked us if we wanted to take more photos together at the photo booth!

Photos from Nuffnang

The buffet area! :)

More photos of the buffet! :)

Humble Beginnings Crepe Cake!
Had cravings for them the next day!
It's really yummy :)

We were mingling around and camwhoring ;)
Even the photographer caught us camwhoring! hahas.

New friends made :)
This photo was taken when we haven't even talked to each other lols!

With Jingru
She's older than me =X Can't tell right??

With Szeki
She's from HongKong!

With Eileen
Our table artist ;)

With Junhong
The one who kept spamming #Nuffnangis5 hahas

With Irene
She's from Indonesia!

Still camwhoring hahas.

Then it was the start of the program!

Our funny emcees started of by singing :)

A speech by the representative of Swissotel.

A speech by boss ming.

Buffet time!

Everyone helping themselves to the food :)

Jack and Rai's performance while we were having dinner.
Nice music + nice food!

It's turning darker and darker!

Guest appearance by Chua En Lai as Pornsak Sukhumvit from The Noose!
He's super funny! Made all of us laughed ALOT!

He even made Qiuting and Noel go up and pole dance!

The night view from level 69!

Games time!

One of the game was to draw boss ming :)
Eileen was our table artist ;)

See! Us taking photo off...

Eileen's artwork! :)
The winning team was table 1 though.
But table 1's art was really nice!

Cake cutting time!

All the bloggers doing their job.
Take photos! :)

The cake!

Boss ming and the Nuffies! :)

Table photo time!

The nice peeps at table 5! :)

Photo with Boss Ming :)

The cake. The fondant is super sweet. So I only ate the sponge cake itself ;)
But that's what everyone always do too!
I'm not the only weird one =P

Performance by Ling Kai.
Her singing is awesome!
How I wish I could sing like her!

After JunHong spammed many many #Nuffnangis5, his tweet finally appear on the TV screen again!
And while we saw this, we were all walking to the front to take more photos at the photo booth,
then all of us started crowding at the TV to take a photo of this! hahahahas!
Everyone was wondering why suddenly so many ppl crowd around the TV.

Photos at the photobooth! :)

Photo with the girls :)

And lastly, a solo shot for the day! :)

Really enjoyed myself that day!
Thank you Nuffnang for the invitation :)
Once again, HAPPY 5th Anniversary Nuffnang!

Some photo credits to Nuffnang (those with nuffnang logo) :)

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