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[Review] am+pm Skincare

Monday 26 March 2012

From the title you all should know what this blog post is about ;)
Yupps I'm gonna review some am+pm skincare products today!

The items I'm gonna review today.
All 3 are exclusively for Singapore!

When to cleanse my face first.
Then it was time to review the products! :)

1. am+pm 24 hrs Super Triple HA Skin Hydrator - Light

It's a all in one full effect hydrator.
Mosturizing, Nourishing, Repairing

Here's how it looks like. It's like a liquid serum.
Very smooth and easy to apply :)

Moisten your cotton pad with the serum.

Then gently dap it onto your face (avoiding the eye area).

Does my skin looks more hydated? :)
It's available on Naruko at $27.90
How does it work?
Our body is made with 70% water so when our body loses its natural moisture, it causes the skin to feel dry. This Super Triple HA Skin Hydrator - Light contains macromolecular hyaluronic acid which works with Aquafill (revitalizing chain) to penetrate deep into your skin, replenishing fluids and locking in moisture.
1. Penetration
High efficiency moisturizing & nourishing
2. Replenishing
Clears a path for moisture to seep through
3. Protection
Long-lasting and locks in moisture

3 benefits of the product:
1. Moisturizing and works like a high efficiency serum yet smooth like a lotion
2. Nourishing like a mask
3. Repairing

What I feel about the product?
It is very easy to apply, not messy when applying! Works like a toner so it's the step after cleansing! Great for people who do not have a suitable toner and have dry skin.

2. am+pm 24hrsAll Day No Shine Sebum Balancer

Oil controlling and moisturizing.

Tried it on my hand first.

Looks hydrated and best thing?
Not oily at all!

Time to apply on my face!

First apply a lil on the five parts of your face.
Then slowly spread the cream around the face.
(Can apply evenly or only at oily areas)
I applied full face evenly cause my face is really oily.

Non-oily at all!
It's available on Naruko at $25.90
(offer price U.P. $31.90)
This product is recommended for people with oily skin!

How does it work?
1. Pumpkin enzymes & yeast extract
Effectively improves skin's metabolism which helps keep the skin's moisture and oil balance normal to prevent oil secretion
2. Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin B5
Instatly provides moisture for the skin, repairs cutting, and locks in moisture.
3. Pomegranate extract, rouge wood, and vitamin C microcapsules
Helps in improving the skin's resilience, dullness, fine lens and has an anti-aging effect. It also nourishes the skin after it clears away excess oil.

This product has 8 great effects for your skin!
1. Control oil secretion
2. Provides moisture
3. Helps with skin's antioxidants
4. Improves cutin's repair
5. Maintains skin's moisture and oil balance
6. Keeps skin hydrated
7. Promotes skin's metabolism
8. Brightens and softens skin

What I feel about this product?
People who know me in real life knows I have really oily skin. Makeup can't stay on my skin for long as my can oily very quickly (a few hours after washing up). I love how this product is able to effectively control the amount of oil on my face. It's really my savior!

Don't believe how effective this is in controlling oil?
Take a look at this video!
The 24hrs am+pm all day no shine sebum has even been reviewed on
女人我最大 (a very popular taiwan variety show that recommends really good products)!
Now do you believe in how effective it is? I bet you do ;)

3. am+pm 24 hrs Super Triple HA Hydra Restorer

SOS for skin hydration replenishment.

Tried it on my hand first.

See the before and after.
My hand looks more hyrated right?
It looks super super hydrated.

Time to apply on my face!

Apply it on the five parts of your face.
Then slowly spread the cream around your face and neck area.

Looks even more hydrated right?
It's available on Naruko at $32.90
(offer price U.P. $36.90)
This product is recommended for people with very dry skin.
(To be used before your daily moisturizer if you have any cream type moisturizer)

How does it work?
Moisture level does not necessarily coincide with the number of layers of product applied on the skin. The best way to retain moisture for a long period of time is to replenish the skin. In the Super Triple HA Hydra Restorer, the Hyaluronic Acid has a gel-like texture and helps to replenish and lock in moisture in three steps: seize, replenish and store. The Super Triple HA Hydra Restorer contains high concentration of Hyaluronic Acid which works with Aquafill, sheer butter and meadowfoam oil to build an invisible protective barrier and retain moisture.

3 benefits of the product:
1. Seize Hydration
2. Replenish
3. Store and retain moisture

What I feel about the product?
It's really hydrates my skin well! Look at the photos above and you can compare the before and after. Though I feel that it might be a lil oily for people with oily skin like me (but it works well with the all day no shine sebum - so use both and it will be ok). Also, it will be very effective for people with very dry skin!

Found these 3 items really good.
As I could really see that it made my skin more hydrated.
Also, my face felt softer and smoother after that.

The one I will recommend the most is the all day no shine sebum balancer!
I feel that it is a must for people with oily skin type like me.
It really suits my skin really well. Oil free face for the whole day! :)
Recommend it for people with oily skin!!

Also, all 3 items have fragrance (based on natural origins) and essential oils of lavender.
So it has a lil lavender smell in it. I felt it really did made me feel more relaxed :)
But might not be suitable for people who can't stand that smell.
But for people who like aromatic smells like me, it is highly recommended :)
Found these products really hydrating and best thing it keeps my skin oil free!


  1. how oily is ur face?

    1. Hi, my face is very very very oily. It used get very oily about 4hours after I wash my face. It has been less oily nowadays thanks to the DRx products that I used now :)