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Another Day of DIP

Tuesday 17 April 2012

Brought one of my family DSLR to DIP cause they wanted to take photos for our poster.
End up not taking any cause the car wasn't ready but took some random photos instead hahas.

Testing our infrared motion sensor!

Random shots Chor Seng took using my DSLR hahas.

Testing our relay circuit!

I have no idea what is inside that room hahas.

Self shot using DSLR! :)
Thank god this DSLR is rather light! So I could take self shots with it ;)
Another DSLR at home is super heavy! Never tried self shots using that before.
Planning on bringing this DSLR when I go to USA.
Wanted to get S100 but a lil no point :( Cause I already have many many compacts at home (around 5?)
It's like every time a new and better compact comes out, I will want to buy one :(
So I think it's better if I stick to this DSLR since I can take self shots with it too ;)

Outfit of the Day
Top: Bugis
Shorts: Cotton On

That's all for DIP that day!
Will be bringing my DSLR to the next DIP meeting again cause we haven't finish taking photos :(

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