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Best MILO Go Where?

Monday 2 April 2012

Received emails to say I won a $5 Kopitiam card cause I voted in the "Best MILO Go Where?" contest.
Daddy and mummy received it too. Cause I used their accounts to help vote hahas.
So daddy drove us to Marina Square to collect the prize :)

Look at how empty the carpark is!
Okays we missed the first carpark entrance so we went to the one at the back of the building.

Finally more cars lols.
Look more like a carpark =P
But anyways they had 1300+ empty slots when we were there, 11am on a sunday :)

Random photo lols. Nice deco of a shop!

The event venue at the atrium.
It was to celebrate 100years with Nestle!

Collected the prizes :)

Groups of people crowding.
What were they up to?

They were giving free cups of coffee.
I don't drink coffee, but daddy mummy do.
So they had a cup each :)

Mummy taking photos with the decos :)
I think I got mummy's genes. I love taking photos too!

Old school games!
Something that kids these days no longer play :(
My primary school used to have hopscotch!
Wonder if its even there now =X
But at least these kids have a chance to try the games out at the event :)

They did put in effort into the designs!
See the hanging milo tin? Mummy say that's how ppl keep money in the past.
When they wanted to take the money, they will pull the tin down.
And see the rice sack on the floor? :)

After walking around Marina Square for awhile, we headed to Changi City Point!
Mummy wanted to buy some stuff from Eu Yang Sang Roadshow there.
Never been there before. It's quite new, right opposite EXPO.

Some random deco in the building. Like a mini park. You can actually enter lols.

No queue! Yays! :)

Quite abit of ppl there though :)

And guess what?

I spotted ichiban sushi there!

Brought mummy over to buy my fav cheesecake ;)
Original Fiesta Cheesecake!
Fiesta used to have a shop on their own in the past.
But they somewhat disappeared :(
So now I can only buy their cheesecake through ichiban sushi.
And another sad thing is that they only have original flavour.
The original flavour is nice. But... I liked their chocolate flavour too! :(

Nonetheless, happy girl with her cheesecake!
Haven't had this cheesecake for a long long time!

Opened and cut it the moment I reached home hahahas.
And it was cleared in a day lols. By my family of 7 :)

Outfit of the Day
Knitted Top: BlackJT
Tank Top: Cotton On
Shorts: Cotton On

And that was very much my another weekend at home :)

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