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DIP Again! It's Actually a Weekly Thing

Sunday 29 April 2012

Another DIP Session with my DSLR!
But still... Main purpose of bringing the DSLR wasn't done that day.
So arghhh means I have to bring DSLR again!
It's so weird carrying a DSLR to school! :(

But anyways...
For this DIP Session, I brought a DSLR to hall without bringing memory card.
So I asked Joy if she had any. But she only has a 128MB one. So no choice just ask her to bring along.
128MB memory card for DSLR = 20 shots? hahahas.
So I ended up deleting some photos here and there to take more photos (that were necessary).

Photos! All of the above were not taken by me. hahas.
The guys were using my DSLR and going around randomly taking pictures.

Our wireless charging car! :)
So an external battery will be charged up by a solar cell.
And that external battery will be used to charge up the battery inside this car.

Okays... More photos. None taken by me as well hahas.

And of course. How can Joy and I not take another self shot hahas.
This was taken when the guys left ;)
Only this was taken by me, along with some other circuits photos which I did not upload.
And all other photos above were by the guys hahas. See how much they like to play with the DSLR?
And that's all for DIP that day! :)

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