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Party World with a Surprise!

Friday 18 May 2012

We bought groupon vouchers and went to Party World at Orchard International Building :)
Was looking forward to it as I'm been wanting to go sing K for very long!
I'm there to destroy everyone's ears hahahas! My sis says I sing horribly =P

Party World! :)

All the singing photos!
Nothing much to type and you should know why right?
Go K is just keep singing and singing and singing one arr! ;)

Then... Joy came with a cake!
I was super surprised as I totally didn't expected that.
Cause it was only 6th May then! My birthday is 31st May! hahas.
Plus initially I keep smsing and calling her but she didn't answer or reply at all.
(yes sometimes she won't reply smses one. the dippies di siao her about it before)
Still thought she will last min say she won't come.

The cute Stitch cake!

Photo with the cake!

Then it was more singing! We sang till 11pm then went home :)

New teddy :)

And of course how can I not take any self-shots with Joy =P
Ended the day with a photo with her.

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