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[Review] May Bellabox

Monday 28 May 2012

Here's a really really short post!
Cause I've been busy these few days!
Have been going out everyday for the past week.
Been busy ever since I came back from the cruise!
Super laggy in my posts now :(

And my desktop is full of albums and albums of photos 
which I've yet posted on facebook and have yet blogged about!
And facebook's not helping :( It refuses to let me upload photos! Bleah!
Keeps having an error when I try to upload - then I end up with an empty album :(

Today was supposed to be my free day!
So I could type all my lagging posts and schedule them for the next few days!
But something cropped up. And I end up having to go out for the whole day again!
But luckily everything was ok after that.

And I don't mind being busy. Not gonna complain about it at all.
At least it means there's stuffs for me to do!


Now back to today's post!
Just gonna share about my may bellabox!

Received it a few weeks ago.
The only special thing about May's Bellabox is that instead of coming in a box, 
it came in a recycle bag!
I still prefer the box though. Cause I can reuse it and keep my other stuffs!
This recycle bag is quite useless :( Cause it's rather small.

All the stuffs in May's Bellabox!
And sadly, there's nothing that I liked about this month's bellabox :(
That's all for this post!
Haven't tried any of the items (actually don't plan to use them).
So can't really review much. But at least you all can see what was in May's Bellabox!

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