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21st Birthday Celebration With Family

Thursday 19 July 2012

Part 1: Simple Party at Home

My breakfast in the morning :) Two red eggs and sweet mee sua :)

Pressie from my family. Red packet from ah ye, ah ma, daddy, mummy :)
And a gold key pendant from daddy and mummy!
I wanted a silver pendant. But grandparents insisted they get me gold one.

A lil preview of my cake!

Party decoration and food that my grandma and mummy prepared :)
I was out the whole day and when I reached home everything was nicely done up!

A solo shot with my cake :)

Family photo!

Make a wish...

Cutting the cake! :)

More photos of my cake!
A two tier cake from Pine Garden's!
Top layer was lychee martini and the bottom was triple chocolate.

The two different cake! :)

KFC chicken mummy bought plus noodles grandma cooked.

That's roughly all for part one.
Just a simple celebration with my family.
Didn't hold a 21st birthday party cause... 
my birthday is on 31st may and I'm going to USA on 3rd June!
But my family insisted I have a "birthday party" so this was how this celebration came about hahas!

Part 2: Lunch at RWS

Photos we took around RWS :)
Grandparents haven't gone there before.
So I decided to celebrate my birthday there and bring them there to see see :)

Starz Restaurant in Hard Rock Hotel!

Quite a wide variety of food there.
Some that I can remember are...
Gelato Ice Cream
And alot more! Just that I can't remember the names.
The best thing is they will keep refilling the food!
My family loved the fresh prawns! :)
Had lots of prawns that day hahas.

Photos of my family at the restaurant!
The food was not bad. My family like it :)
Cause it wasn't too salty or oily!

Outfit of the Day
Dress: Cotton On
Belt: Hollyhoque
Cardigan: some random push cart
Heels: Metro

A few more photos around RWS :)

My lovely grandparents! :)
Brought them to USS entrance hahas!
Wanted to bring them to the Malaysian Food Street but we were all too full already.

Family photo! :)

And that's how my 21st birthday was celebrated with my family!
Didn't really celebrate with my extended family but my xiao yi gave me a birthday present
and my maternal grandparents (wai gong and wai po) gave me an ang pao :)
It's just a simple 21st birthday but I'm thankful to have my family celebrating it for me ♥

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