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K-Garden in Serangoon

Monday 23 July 2012

A short short post about a new Karaoke place I was introduced to!
K-Garden in Serangoon area near Chomp Chomp! :)
Fel recommended us that place. It's only $8 for 6 hours!
So Fel, Cheryl and I went there together :)

It's really a nett price of $8 and no additional charges.
But terms and conditions apply. Got certain time restrictions one.
So if you are interested, do call them and ask every single detail properly!
Don't want you all to end up spending too much!

One photo of me!

And one photo of them!

Hahas didn't really take photos that day!
Can't remember why though.
Maybe is I forgot to charge my camera battery =X
And that's all for this post! =P
Told you it would be a short post already ;)

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