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A Trip Away From The Heat!

Tuesday 21 August 2012

How I wish I can go on another trip!
I want to run away from this heat in Singapore!
And where is the nearest and coldest place?
Genting! :)

If I have a chance to go, this will be my itinerary:

Day 1
morning: travel to Genting :)

early afternoon: reach Genting, check in, lunch at Restoran Hainan Kitchen
Take a nostalgic trip back to old colonial days and partake in a feast of exciting flavours in a long forgotten old-fashioned ambience. Authentic roti bakar with homemade kaya is certainly not to be missed. Some food that I will look forward to eating there would be: Special Hainanese Toasted Bread Set, Hainanese Chicken Rise and Hainanese Chicken Chop! :)

late afternoon: Strawberry Farm
Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm is the biggest strawberry farm in Malaysia and the first of its kind in the Genting Highlands region. I haven't been to a strawberry farm before! Always though it would be nice to pluck your own strawberries. And the best thing? It's a nice place to camwhore! hahahas! ;)

night: buffet dinner at Coffee Terrace
Coffee Terrace is one of the most spacious dining outlet at the resort. Featuring four sections - Private Room, Lanai Bar, Nyonya Baba Corner and Alfresco Terrace, the premise can accommodate up to 600 diners at any one time. Would love to try the variety of food there and the nyonya baba corner seems interesting!

after dinner activity: bowling, archery
These two are activities that I'm familiar with!
Photo of the young me ;) That was many many many years ago! When I was in secondary 2? I want to go back to Genting to play again! Okays not that Singapore has no bowling/archery center. But girl here shy lehh. Hahas.

Day 2
morning: dim sum breakfast at Genting Palace Restaurant then go to Outdoor Themepark
One of the rides in the Outdoor Themepark! Didn't get to try this when I was there last time :(
Heard it's really fun!

I want this! Feel the power of having an Express Pass! LOLS!

late afternoon: high tea at VIP Restaurant then Snow World
Dine on delectable Chinese and Thai cuisine amidst grandiose surroundings. (Exclusively for Gold and Platinum Genting WorldCard members only). I want to enter! Can make an exception? ;)

Be awed by the spectacular ice sculptures on display as you frolic in the snow. For the more adventurous, take a spin on the Play Slide or Cresta Run Slide that will definitely steal your breath away! And believe it or not. I've never been to Singapore's Snow City. The last time I went to Genting, I did not go to the Snow World too! :( Sad right?

night: dinner at Genting Palace Restaurant 
The majestic Genting Palace Restaurant serves exquisite Cantonese Cuisine with an ambience to match. The main dining hall projects the grandeur of a palatial setting complemented by modern Chinese interior design. I want to have Roasted Crispy Suckling Pig and Traditional Braised Pork Spare Rib Cutlet there! And oh my! They have a wide variety of dim sums for their daily lunch and sunday breakfast! My day 2 better be a sunday so I can have my Dim Sum breakfast there! Hahas.

after dinner activity: Casino
Don't want to gamble go in and walk walk see see also can right? ;)

Day 3 
morning: breakfast at Elite Palace, shopping at First World Plaza
For those who would love to indulge in the delectable flavours from the Orient, the Elite Palace offers special delicacies such as abalone or shark's fin dishes prepared by an award-winning chef. Hmmm... Shark's fin for breakfast? =P

How can I forget to shop?! Hahas!

There is a SASA sale! I want I want!

afternoon: check out, and head back home!

How do you like my itinerary?
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