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Saturday 4 August 2012

Spot the difference!
The photo on the left was taken when I left home.
The photo on the right is taken a few hours after I left home and
 when I'm on my way to meet the merlions ;)

The difference is...

I changed my specs! :)
So I was like "floating" around that day.
It wasn't too bad though. No change in degrees.
Only astig dropped. And that's a good thing :)

Then it was Partyworld with the merlions on 31st May (my actual bday)!
Hahas the merlions is my JC clique ;)
It's a long story why we call our clique the merlions lols.
And Vicky! I'm sure you are reading this hahas.

With the RUs!
Fang Ru and Kai Ru :)

6 of us without shiyun cause she had to attend another friend's birthday party first.

Photo with Vicky :)

Random photos taken in partyworld :)

Photos of us playing with the body symbol app!

Our dear papa (vicky) and mama (fangru) :)

Shiyun! :)

Vicky with the birthday cake which I saw the moment 
they brought into the room at the start of the K session lols!

Light cheesecake!
Yummy! I was so sick of cakes by then already.
Cause I had a few other birthday celebrations a few days before this.
Cheesecake for a change! :) Yay!

Pretty pretty cake!
Thank you merlions! :)

Photos with each of them!

Me and the cake!

Vicky cutting the cake for us :)

More random photos!

Group photos using camera timer! ♥

Another group photo that one of the party world staff helped take.

And last few photos we took outside the restroom lols!
That's all for this post! :)
And I think I'm done with all my 21st birthday posts already! Yay! :)

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