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[Review] SexyLook Intensive Repairing Black Cotton Mask

Sunday 9 September 2012

What's that?
It's a popular 3D mask brand in Taiwan! :)
So here I am to share with you...

SexyLook Intensive Repairing 
Black Cotton Mask

A little details above the mask maybe?

The product info I was given.

Photos of the product itself (with list of ingredients).

Sadly there was not instructions on how to use it :(
Or maybe there was? But the words on the product are all in jap and I can't read it.

And guess what?
This product was featured on famous Taiwan beauty show 女人我最大!

The actual episode the mask was featured in!

Look at how much of the product the mask soaked up!

My Review

:: Doesn't dry up even after using for 20mins.
That's good cause we won't want our mask getting dried up and osmosis
(reverse direction of water flow) to occur!
:: My skin does feel softer and more hydrated after using
:: Has a light sweet smell, quite relaxing

:: Hard to open up the mask cause it does not have a plastic film
below the mask and since it's cotton, some might accidentally rip it up apart.
:: No instructions in english/chinese.


Want to buy one for yourself and try it out?
You can buy it from secretive.sg or Watsons $3.50 per piece!
P.S. Watsons is now having an offer for this! Get it at only $2.90 each
(Promotion ends 10/10/12)

Also do like their facebook pages ;)
Sometimes they do have little giveaways! ;)

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