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The Day It Rained On Our Parade

Wednesday 5 September 2012

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Did you know that it rained on our National Day Parade on 9 August 1968?
It was Singapore’s third National Day Parade, the British had decided that they would withdraw their troops. Tens and thousands of Singaporeans were threatened with unemployment and instability. As if mirroring the sentiments in Singapore, the skies opened. The winds blew. And rain poured relentlessly on the parade. However, no one ran for shelter – students, participants, politicians, and spectators alike. Singaporeans held their ground – performers continued dancing, soldiers continued marching, people continued cheering. That was the spirit of 1968 – of unity, pride and a sense of common destiny.

Here are some exclusive photos of that very parade!
Want to know how you can find more of these photos? Continue reading! ;)

So it rained... BUT what has it got to do with this blog post?

“The Day It Rained on Our Parade” aims to tell the story of a defining moment in Singapore’s history – where Singaporeans stood together at the 1968 National Day Parade and braved the heavy rain.

What is "The Day It Rained on Our Parade"?

It is a interactive Facebook app that was launched on mySingapore.sg Facebook page, featuring: 

1. Scrollable panorama of The Padang to view the full parade
It has a animated rainfall effect too!

2. Exclusive photos from the actual 1968 parade in correspondence to the panorama
Click on the photos below and it will pop up with a caption so you can know what exactly that scene is about!

3. Comic-book style interpretation of the iconic day by Imaginary Friends Studios
They draw really well right? 

4. 7 character illustrations & stories to provide different perspectives of the event
See the pink color dots? They can be clicked on to show individual people's point of view!

Let me share one of it with you - 
the perspective from the point of a student female audience at that time.
From her point of view it seems like it was a very gloomy period for most of them cause the British were leaving Singapore and all of them were worried about what the future would be. However, the parade managed to impress them, everyone at the parade were bustling with excitement. The parade had somehow managed to cheer people up - perhaps they saw hope? The rain which later came did not manage to dampen their spirits too!

Don't you agree with me that it's a really cool facebook app?
Seldom will you find such interactive facebook apps right? ;)

So everything above were details given to me so I can know a lil more about what happened
and also know the reason behind the app ;)
(with a little of my own thoughts too of course!)

Now for the main thing...

My reflections!

The last National Parade I attended was NDP2008.
And there was a heavy rain drizzle during that parade too!
See the photo above? I was wearing hat and poncho.
I didn't leave the parade too ok! I wore a poncho and stayed on!
Okays that photo was taken after the rain stopped,
which explains why the people behind me removed their ponchos already!

Okok back to my reflections...

For me it was just a small rain/drizzle and we were all given ponchos in our goodie bags so of course all of us can easily stay on and not leave the parade halfway.

Other than being a spectator for National Day Parades in 2008 (public) and 2002 (primary 5 NE show),
I was also one of the performers in the Combined Schools Choir in 2004!
So I can fully understand how a spectator and performer will feel about the parade :)
Even the many long saturday rehearsals couldn't stop us from wanting to stay on as a performer ok!
The year I performed was hot like mad and we were under the sun but none of us complained - 
cause we know this is something we are doing for our country.
We are all proud to be in a part of this celebration for our country!
I know I know. Patriotic much. Such feelings always come nearing NDP ;)

So what are your feelings about the day it rained on our parade?
Like "mysingapore.sg" Facebook Page here and try out the Facebook App here! :)

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