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7-Eleven, It's a Store and More!

Friday 5 October 2012

This week is NTU's recess week.
Got lots of e-lectures to listen to!
(peeps please go to school so you won't have to suffer this)

Study Study Study,
Hungry Hungry Hungry!

But on the bright side...

Thank god 7-Eleven is so nearby
and it is open 24hrs!

Chocolates and Candies
Lots of chocolates and candies to choose from.
Cadbury is my favourite! :)

Spot my favourite Calbee Hot and Spicy Chips!

Red Bull! My savior! Need these to help me through my study nights!
2 for $4.50 only. Will definitely get my Red Bulls from 7-Eleven the next time I run out of it at 2am!

Remember always buying this during secondary school days
and always capping it first and fill to the brim and sometimes it explodes (overflows) ;)


Quick Bites
Craze Hotties - my secondary school after-school snack!

More Quick Bites!
Frequently had this for lunch during secondary school.
Come to think of it, I visit 7-eleven so frequently during my secondary school days!
And I've been buying their Quick Bites the whole time.
It's just so nearby and convenient!

Mashed Potatoes!
I still cannot figure out why the mashed potatoes liquid can harden so quickly!

They even have freshly made waffles!
Oh yes and see the soft toys behind?
Now you know where to get last minute gifts ;)
Who knows if you might have a last minute birthday celebration at midnight.

That's not even half of their stuffs that I took photos of!
They even have cosmetics and medicines there!

I always make sure I check out their super hot deals.
And my favourite Water Chestnut & Sugar Cane drink is on the list!

Yay! Items bought!
Now how to heat up the pizza?
No worries cause...

They have a microwave oven there!!!
So you can heat up your quick bites instantly.
There are instructions on the packaging telling you which button to press!
For the pizza it's button number 3.

Bought my fav :) Mashed Potato and Pizza!

Photo from 7-Eleven FB Page
Hmm... 7-Eleven is having a Leading Brands Contest.
You can join the contest with every $3 spent!
(yes! i reached the minimum criteria!)

So all you have to do is like 7-Eleven Facebook Page,
Then click on the contest link,
Pick your leading brands,

Enter your particulars,
Click submit,

And there's your chance to winning $1000 travel vouchers from 7-Eleven!

Do Note:
:: $3 spend to be within a single receipt
:: Purchase excludes cigarettes, parking coupons, bill payments, top-up services, tickets purchase, lottery sales, new services and fuel purchase. 
:: Entries must be submitted by 11.59pm on 9 Oct 2012.


If I win the contest…

Photo from google image
With $1000 2 people can go to Seoul on SIA flights okays!
(who will want to travel alone…)
And I'm serious. Look at the photo below.
Just need to pay another $98.10 on top of the vouchers and two people can go to Seoul on SIA.
Another plus point is it is a non-transit flight okay! Of course there are even cheaper ones as well. 
I'm just showing you that you can even go on the most expensive airline with that $1000!

And as you can see the date I pick is in december. IT IS THE HOLIDAYS! :)
So this enthusiastic girl here searched on what are the best things to do in december in Seoul!
(i know i know also not 100% win but who knows? maybe really will win? got chances one okay!)

Top 5 Things I will do there!

1. Shop at MyeongDong
No matter how cold it is, I can still shop!

2. Eat the food there!
Sweet Potatoes, Chestnuts, Manjoo and Ginseng Chicken
OMG! So excited about the trip just by blogging about it! lols!

3. Outdoor Ice Skate
Photo from visitkorea
Just looking at the photo above makes me want to fly there!
It's so pretty!!!

4. Sledding at Everland
Photo from visitkorea
Looks fun! And I will definitely want to make a snow angel there!

5. Visit Seoul Namsan Gugakdang (Traditional Theater)
Photo from visitseoul
Wear hanbok and take pretty pictures there and learn more about Korea's culture :)

How I wish I can fly there now!!!


So yes yes hurry and go to any nearby
7-Eleven, spend $3 and join the contest here!
Don't say I didn't share =P

Time to enjoy my yummy food I just bought from 7-Eleven :)

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