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New York Day 1

Tuesday 16 October 2012

JFK Airport Yellow Cab Ride
Touched down at the airport and queued for a cab to get to our hotel!
it's hard take the subway with your luggages unless it's really light!
For us it was about 22kg each already! So... NO WAY!!

Their yellow cabs are metered so you don't have to worry that they will con you.
BUT it's super expensive to take the cab around. From the JFK airport to our hotel it was about $45!
And don't forget you have to give them tips. Usually about 10-18%!

Comfort Inn Hotel
And we reached our hotel lobby!
Seems like not bad a hotel :)

And the rooms didn't disappoint us!
It was neat and nice! :)

Comfort Inn Brooklyn Cruise Terminal (Brooklyn)
17 Seabring Street, Brooklyn NYC 11231
7 nights - SGD1670.70 for 3 people

Hotel booked by amelia :)
And that's very much what we did on the first day lols!
We were tired after the super long flight. You can't blame us :(
We touched down at around 4pm and after all the queuing and stuff reached our hotel rather late.
And since we were there for the first day, we didn't want to take the risk and roam around.
So we stayed in the hotel, had cup noodles (that joy brought - we brought lots of cup noodles and maggie mee on this trip! for our stay in LA =P) and used the hotel's wifi! :)

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