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New York Day 4

Thursday 25 October 2012

Day 4 morning was a sunny morning! Still a lil cold though.
But sunny and felt warmer :) So it was time to start taking photos along the streets!
This is the street we walked everyday in NYC - from our hotel to the Subway Station.

Circle Line Sightseeing BEAST Speedboat Ride
First up was the BEAST ride!
That's us just sitting there and chilling cause we got our tickets
 and had to wait for an hour for the ride.
It's another free ticket from the New York Pass!

Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises
Pier 83 West 42nd Street  New York, NY 10019

The speedboat!

Though the speedboat is moving really quicky, you can still see the sceneries around the pier!
They will also stop for awhile near the Statue of Liberty to let you take photos :)
Tip: Ladies please tie your hair up! The wind is super strong when the boat is moving. So try not to have any loose items (eg. hats, shades) on you too!
My hair got all tangled up after the ride :(

We were very lucky as it so happened that was the day the Space Shuttle was shifted up the U.S.S Intrepid! Look the number of people and media vans there! But sadly, we won't be able to see it till 19th July (by then we are not in NYC already).

Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum
Photos with the Intrepid.
We take photos everywhere cause it proves that we have been there right?
Also just incase our memories fail us :(

Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum
700 West 46th Street  New York, NY 10036

It's $24 for adult tickets and we got it free thanks to New York Pass!
It's really a useful and worth it pass!

Photos in the USS Growler (Submarine)
Everything is so cramped inside!

Moving on to the Hangar!
Tip: You can rent an audio device for free with your New York Pass.
It's like a tour guide you can bring around with you. Eg. you reach an area in the hangar there will be a number there. When you press that number on your device it will explain to you the history behind that item/place.

Around the hangar.
There is a lego display of the USS Intrepid there! Cool right?
And of course a couple of planes there.

The Kamikaze Experience right in the mid of the USS Intrepid Hanger.
It's a video about what happened during the WWII when the Intrepid got "bombed" at that exact spot and also serves as a memory for those who died there. The reason why I say 'bombed" is cause it wasn't really bombs that cause the explosions - it was planes with human (pilot) inside! They will fly their planes right into the Intrepid which is the reason why it's called the Kamikaze experience since Kamikaze = Suicide. Those who learnt History in secondary schools will know ;)

I was really interested in this cause I used to be a SS/History student. And the only topic which intrest me was the WWII chapter. Thank god it came out for O levels. Cause I only focused on that chapter and didn't study the rest. Felt the other chapters were too dry (China Long March, etc). At least WWII was something I could related to Singapore too.

More stuffs around the Hanger.
They even have a G-Force Simulator there and some 4D theatre! But it's not inclusive in the free ticket. You will have to pay for it separately.

Went to the higher deck and there were so many planes there!
The day we were there, they had a choral performance :)
I will say they are very pro cause being a choir member myself,
I know how hard it is to sing in open space!

City Sightseeing Midtown Cruise
Next was a cruise. We were basically spending the whole morning-afternoon around the piers.
Another free ticket from the New York Pass!
Now you see why I keep saying it's so worth it?

City Sightseeing Cruises
Pier 78, West 38th Street and 12th Avenue, New York, NY 10036

Took lots of photos on the cruise and same thing it was super windy when the cruise was moving!

Photo with the 3 bridges in New York.

More photos of bridges lols!

And fun shots ;)
That's me 1.holding on to, 2.pointing at the Empire State Building!

Helicopters everywhere!
And look at the sky you can see the sun rays!

Then we reached the Statue of Liberty!
And ahhh it was turning dark! Thank god it didn't rain in the end.

Me pinching the Statue! hahas.
That sail is another ride. But we could only choose one ride for free so we choose this.
I think cause this ride is longer and covers more places.

Tip: Check out the route of each cruise/boat and find one which covers most places that you want to see!

Coldstone Creamery
Snack time! There's Coldstone Creamery in Singapore too. But we just wanted to try the difference ;)
And I think the ones in New York melts alot faster! But they have different flavours!

Coldstone Creamery - 42nd Street
253 West 42nd Street  New York, NY 10036

Ripley's Believe It or Not
A super interesting place!
The starting is like meh. But take a look at everything!
Especially the tongue twist part at level one. You will know why later ;)
The ending was epic muahahahas!

Ripley's Believe It or Not New York
234 West 42nd Street  New York, NY 10036

Here comes interesting stuffs!
Portraits in a fly and toothpick carving!
Photos were taking throught the magnifying glass.
Just imagine how small they are and how hard it is to do such a thing.

Never knew there were stuffs written at the base of the Statue of Liberty.
We didn't go to Ellise Island (where the statue is) too due to a lack of time.
Else we wanted to take the Water Taxi which is also free with the New York Pass!

Interesting things to take photos with ;)

A portrait made of pennies!

The first photo is the photo of President Barack Obama with his family in the eye of a needle!
It's a super magnifying glass. I couldn't even take a photo of it throught the magnifying glass.
The other is a portrait created using gumballs!

It's super giddy inside. We had to tell Joy to look at the ground/close her eyes and we walk her through cause she has motion sickness! it's like the whole place is turning.

And here! The epic part!
Know why I say you have to try out the tongue twist part?
Cause there is a hidden camera there!
Hahahas Amelia and I fell for it =X
You can see others outside "live" we are gonna fall for it.
Sadly we waited and waited but no one did :(
So yes. We did stupid things infront of the camera.

A photo with Bumblebee right at the entrance of Ripley's Believe It or Not.

Then we did some shopping at Carroll Street!
There is a Rite Aid/Wellness Centre there.
Bought two lip balms and a tweezer :)

And if you realised, some of the days I didn't post photos of any dinners right?
That's cause we went back to the hotel to have cup noodles!
Hahas we had kettle and cupnoodles and pot with us.
Cause we are there for an exchange (just travelling first) so we needed neccessities.
Thankful that Joy brought the kettle and Amelia brought the pot.
I don't have such portable stuffs at home one :(
Everytime we go overseas it's eating outside food and buying mineral water.

That's all for Day 4!

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